Sunday, July 19, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 20th

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Especial Tequila Gold

Now there's where they really should put the salt...

Apa's Amigo

If you follow KJ Apa on social media, and why wouldn't you, you know he's been pumping his way through the pandemic.  With Riverdale on an extended hiatus, and Hollywood basically shut-down, Apa's spending a lot of time working out.

If you've seen the images, you know that KJ hasn't exactly been social distancing his way through his daily routines.  He usually has an equally hot friend, not too far away, spotting as he lifts and grunts his way through his routine.  Given FH is full of images of Apa's amazing abs, I thought it might be time to put our Fangs into one of his frequent gym buddy's.  Check him out on PAGE 2 HERE:

Quaternate: PR PHOTO

'I completed a collection of over 5000 flower types by the age of 30 and sold many prints of my flower pics.'

Philip (PR PHOTO) traveled the art show circuit for 2 years selling his flower prints in shows around the Midwest.  That was until, the male form became his focus.  Since then Philip's shot an impressive array of incredible men.  I've been fortunate, to have featured many of those men, since 2014 on FH.  When featuring Lights On Studio's work with Malyk last week, (HERE:) and about Philip's role in the shoot, I was reminded that PR PHOTO, was long overdue for a Quaternate!


I love the diversity of models Philip has so beautifully captured, diversity in age, look, ethnicity, body shape and experience.  Although Philip has captured many professional and experienced models, I've also enjoyed and loved his focus on discovering and shooting so many new and undiscovered models.  It's speaks to Philip's skill and level of professionalism, how able, relaxed and sexy so many of the models Philip's worked with appear in their photos..  This is especially impressive, given many are stepping in front of the camera for the very first time.   Speaking of which, my most recent feature focusing on Philip's work was with Maxx.  Check out more from that shoot on THE NEXT PAGE HERE:


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Thanks Carl Reiner

'Once a guy hits 18, it's all downhill.'
Larry Kazamias

When the great Carl Reiner died last month, many wrote about his incredible contributions to the entertainment industry.  Most, left off a movie very familiar to us gay boys growing up in the eighties...  Yes, Reiner, was directed many award winning projects, but he also directed a booty shakin Ken Olandt in 1987's Summer School.

'My audition for Carl was about as short as it could be. After I read my lines Carl had me do some dance moves. I did the one move Tony Fields showed me, to which Carl yelled "THAT'S ENOUGH!!" . On the set he was our Grandfather, pal, and best friend. His warmth and caring for people is unique. Not long ago, he was being honored and I got the opportunity to see him and thank him for what he made happen in my life. Onward Carl!'
Ken Olandt

I remember seeing Summer School on VHS when I was a kid, and I certainly remember Ken's caboose and rewinding the strip club club scene far too many times...  I also remember, at the time, thinking Mark Harmon was old, and hairy, and saw nothing appealing about him.  Age certainly has a way of changing perspective, as when I recently went back to check out the film, I was certainly h ot for Harmon!

The image above is a recent shot off Ken.  As you can see, now at 62, he hasn't lost any of his charm or sex appeal. 

Another butt bites the dust, 
Another butt bites the dust,
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another butt bites the dust


And the VHS to DVD transfer rears it's ugly head again...  I thought I remembered Olandt's g-string revealing a bit more than it did in the HD version of the film I recently watch.  Low and behold, thanks to SOMS, and a clip from the VHS release, you can see a bit more of Ken than in the current available version of the film.  Carl Reiner's directing (and Olandt's ass)  deserved more respect! ;)