Friday, September 25, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 25th

Have been enjoying researching Marcel for an upcoming post.
Great shot from Hans Fahrmeyer!

Favorite Videos of the Week:

Some of my favorite video's of the past week or so.

Guy Tang Video promoting his new Website. Check out the site HERE:

Guy by Gary Xu

A fan of Scott Herman made him this great tribute video featuring some of his hottest pics!

A little Maxwell Zagorski for A&F (see post below).

This one just made me laugh!

Pic Series Of The Day: Maxwell Zagorski For International Jock

I have been planning on a post on Maxwell Zagorski for awhile now. Since time is a factor this evening, consider these shots from International Jock as a coming attraction for a future post.

Kudos to 'Grey's Anatomy'

For some reason I feel the need to start most of my posts about 'Grey's by apologizing for loving 'Grey Anatomy'. I won't today. Grey's has the reputation by some who don't watch it as a big massive soap opera. It can be. But Grey's to me is a very small show really, one about relationships, one about small moments.

I have to start off with (as some of you know) I am not a fan of actor T.R Knight. I did however love his character George. It is a testament to his skill that even though I really did not care that the actor was leaving that his characters death still had a massive effect on me. Must credit Sondra Rhimes and the entire writing team, including Krista Vernoff who wrote last nights two hours.

I love 'Grey's Anatomy' I LOVED the funeral scene last night so much, I love the drama shaping up between Derek and the Chief. I love Baily, I love Izzy, I love the acting brilliance of Sandra Oh, I am hot for Kevin McKidd. I loved the last scene between Alex and Izzy last night. (Justin Chambers rocks).

I love that even though Martha Plimpton has been in some great movies and plays, and as great as she was last night, she will always be a 'Goonie' to me!