Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 28th

Great shot of Ace Knight by Jaymz Sapphire Photography.

Happy Birthday today September 28th to:

Happy Birthday today September 28th to:

Lenny Krayzelburg and his family left the Soviet Union in 1989 and headed for California. Lenny, who turns 34 today is a American backstroke swimmer and has also opened his own swimming schools in LA.

British actor John Light turns 38 today. (His birthday is credited as today and September 30th, but I will go with today).

John in the 1997 mini series 'Holding On'.

Besides being an accomplished tv and movie actor, John Light has spent a lot of time on stage. Below are some pics from last years production in London of the Hampstead Theatres production of 'The Giant'. Had to add these as the guy in the first pic, and naked in the last two is the beautiful Stephen Hagan. Anyone have any further information on this guy, please let me know.

More Birthdays HERE:


I love changing the banner/header for FH on a regular basis. I do however sucka sucka sucka (circa Avenue Q) at making them. Anyone have any interest in helping make some cool banners for FH? I am not a fan of people/animals on banners but instead prefer a more arty look using color and design. I love holiday themed ones. If anyone is interested shoot me a line, the site is getting quite a few hits these days and would of course give credit!


Blog Reader Favorites:

Today's Blog reader favorite picture was sent in by Paul. Paul has emailed me several times, usually about Playgirl models (something I am not really an expert on) so it was no surprise he chose this amazing shot of Jean-Robert LeCocq of his all time favorite picture.

Jean-Robert LeCocq and his pictorial appeared in playgirl back in 1981 and Paul tells me it was the first time he saw an uncircumcised penis that resembled his own. Up until then he felt odd and deformed. I can see why the picture would be so meaningful to Paul.

To see Jean-Roberts's full pictorial head over to the real expert on Playgirl's history Blackdgue: Jean-Roberts pictorial found HERE: