Sunday, September 23, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 24th

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The Bottom Line

801fitnessfreak last week tanning up for a shoot.

The Fourth Floor: Malyk by PR Photo

What is it about elevators....  The enclosed space?  The instantly forced intimacy with complete strangers.  We've all had a moment of getting into an elevator with an insanely hot stranger.  Those dozens of seconds going up, or going down, can be incredibly stimulating and hot.... even if you're the only one feeling it. 

Can you just imagine stepping into an elevator and seeing a shirtless Malyk standing alone in the corner.  Staring at you, welcoming you, waiting for you.  We've all had that fantasy of encountering a sexy stranger when the elevator doors open.  Some have been fortunate to have this fantasy become a reality, but most of us only dream of rising up, as we're going down.

This series of Malyk   from PR Photo brings this fantasy to life.  Without saying a word, Malyk's eyes let you know that the rush of erotic energy that you just felt.... will soon be satisfied.  The ride to the forth floor seems to take forever. With eye contact instantly locked in, it feels as if Malyk gaze penetrates deeper into your desires as you rise by each passing floor.

When the door open to the forth floor, there is no need for discussion. Although you're apartment is still 5 floors up, there is no doubt that this is your stop.  The impulse to follow Malyk  out of the elevator is strong, almost beyond your control.  Following his gaze, you head down the long hallway towards prepared without hesitation, to enter his forth floor apartment

FH readers were introduced to PR Photo's work with Malyk earlier this spring. (A Clear Vision)  Although new to modeling and shy, PR shared he quickly learned how to utilize his power in front of the camera, growing into a strong, confident and skilled fantasy bestower.  Although Malyk was wearing much less in the previous feature, I love the sensual intensity PR captured this series and the elevator fantasy he so beautifully brought to life.

JayK: Last Whiff of Summer

'A long summer always meant a long winter to come.'
George R.R. Martin

FH readers have enjoying plunging into the deep end with JayK several times this summer, including my recent pieces featuring his work with photographer Mike Tossy.  Although many in the North East have already, or are getting ready, to close the pool, living on the West Coast, JayK has a bit more of a window of wet.

JayK jumped into the pool yesterday to celebrate the beginning of Autumn and set up his camera beside the pool to capture it all.  It can be challenging to create a great self shot with a still pose, let alone being in the water in most of the shots. Jayk's pool self shots are especially impressive given not only the location but the beautiful moments of movement he captured.

Actors & Skin: Matt Smith

Although I never watched Dr. Who, I did catch a look at a clip of Matt Smith's Dr. and his perky little butt running into the ocean.  I did catch Smith in 2011's, Christoper and his Kind, and saw a bit of resemblance to the young Prince Philip Smith is now playing on The Crown.

I haven't seen The Crown yet either, but again, I caught a clip of Smith's beautiful butt, (still perky, but with a bit more bulk) in the show's first season. Thought it was a good time take a look at more of Smith's recent nudity on screen.

Charlie Says (2018)

Mapplethorpe (2018)

The Crown (2016)