Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 22nd

RePose by YogaBear Studio
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Happy Birthday today January 22nd

I may be a little bias, but I have to say The Flash, (circa 1990) John Wesley Shipp, has much more attractive, not to mention, better fitted pants, than co-star Amanda Pays...

Happy Birthday Mr. Shipp!

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The Bottom Line...

Hall Monitor...

Run Lachlan Run!

Where on earth is Aussie actor Lachlan Buchanan (in front below) running to....well, to Genoa City of course.  Lachlan (see my previous piece HERE:) has just been cast as the new Kyle Abbott on the CBS sudser Y & R.  The show has been rather indecisive with the direction of this role, with Lachlan being the forth actor in the part in the last few years. Lets hope they stick with their casting decision this time.

A RePose Recurrence by YogaBear Studio

To lay
The act of resting or the state of being at rest
Freedom from worry; peace of mind.
Calmness; tranquility

There are a few things all of us do every day of our lives. Regardless of sex, gender, size or age we all at some point every day, slip into bed. Some of us do it with another, but many of us at some point or another, find ourselves doing it alone. Some days, we slide into bed tired, barely a thought in our head except going to sleep. Sometimes we're in pj's, with a bowl of chips and the remote. Sometimes we have a magazine or book, wearing the underwear we had on all day. Every once in awhile though, we have the opportunity to slide naked into clean sheets... fresh from a clothes line, or at least smelling like they did.

My point is that lying in bed isn't intrinsically sensual. Yes, for many of us, sex may have occurred most times in a bed, but it's also where we head when we're tired, fed up, have a headache, back pain or when we are sick with the flu. Lying in bed, whether alone or with another, becomes sensual, and hopefully sexual, because of what is floating in the imaginative corners or our mind.

I first featured YogaBear Studio's RePose series in a piece back in 2013. I was fascinated with the theme and YogaBear photographer David's ability to use RePose to bring out such erotic symmetry in each and every model who has slid into, on and around the white linen. If you spend time in the RePose section of David's site, you see men ranging from their early twenties through the sixties and seventies. You will see men of different' shapes and sizes, some with long flowing hair, some whose hair is thinning or all but disappeared. Hairy men, smooth men, wrinkles, tattoo's, piercings, and the marks and scars that life rarely allows lets us avoid.

Within the white however, what you look like is not as important as what you feel like. David manages to bring out that calmness and tranquility, beautifully and erotically weaved with that sensual sensation we have all experienced when sliding into our beds from time to time. It is rare for an artist to find a theme that so brilliantly suits every model and man who gives into the experience.

Although there are many models David who shot in RePose whose eyes are wide open, I chose to focus on images where the models eyes were closed or obscured. there is an clear and beautiful trust models must have to lie naked, eyes shrouded as David places and gently wrap white material over and around their bodies. RePose also dispels the myth that eyes are the window to our souls. Without one eye opened, David succinctly captures the essence, along with the remnants of a life's love and pain, within each of men he captures. Repose for me, is a beautifully intense and erotic visual. I suspect, the experience is an equally powerful adventure for most of the men who embrace the risk and pose for the series.