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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 10th

Au Naturale by takeapic4u
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Happy Birthday today November 10th

Happy 62nd to actor Grant Cramer!

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A Look Back: Just One of the Guys

'Terry feels discriminated against when the summer jobs at the Sun Tribune go to two guys. She decides to do something about it. She dresses like a guy and gets a haircut. Will students at the other high school notice? Girls notice "him".'

As I said in the previous post, the premise in Just One of the Guys, for getting it's main character Terry, (Joyce Hyser) to dress as a high school boy, was a bit of stretch.  We'll let it go however, as the movie was enjoyable enough, and it led to a few scenes with some cute butts in the locker rooms. 

Billy Jacoby 

The film wasn't sold on it's story, it was it was the talented cast that won me over.  In addition to Hyser and William Zabka, the comedy also featured Leigh McCloskey, Sherilyn Fenn and Toni Hudson.  It also featured a great performance by Billy Jacoby, (now Billy Jayne) who was utterly adorable as Terry's younger brother Buddy.  I've enjoyed Jacoby in a number of films, including his creepy turn in the film Bloody Birthday.  There was a hot nude scene with a 'guy in a van' I previously featured on the site. (HERE:)

Clayton Rohner

The film also featured actor Clayton Rohner, who played Rick Morehouse in the flick.  Rick is a socially awkward exchange student who Terry meets on her first day of school.  Given she's pretending to be a guy, they become friends, but Terry quickly develops a crush while trying to bring Rick out of his shell. 

Rohner is a busy actor, and has had many memorable roles, including a string of hits in the 80's and 90's.  Check out my closer look at the actor, and his two on-screen nude scenes, in the POST BELOW:

The locker room nudity was fairly tame in Just One of the Guys, just a few cuties in jock straps.  The situation however, with Terry getting to check out all the guys in her high school, naked in the locker room, was pretty hot, and a fantasy, many of us had.  One of the hottest in the cast was Jacoby, but he would have been about 16 during filming, so younger brother Buddy, was not in the high school scenes. 



One of the hottest scenes, (although no nudity) was when many of the characters, including Zabka' and Rohner's get handed a towel by Terry when they exit the shower.  Terry enjoys her views, especially checking out Rick, (Rohner) walking away.

Blast from the Past: Clayton Rohner

Although actor Clayton Rohner had a few guest spots on television shows, 1985's Just One of the Guys marked his first appearance on the big screen.  The actors turn in the film was well received, by both audiences, and the editors of teen magazines.  He soon followed his co-star William Zabka by posing for some those pin-ups many of us tore out and saved. 

Rohner's performance was also clearly noted by producers and directors and soon after he began a string of roles on the big screen.  Although none were huge box office hits, many were memorable.  After Just One of the Guys, Rohner appeared with fellow 80's hottie Ken Olandt in the 1986 horror flick April Fool's Day. 

Rohner continued to appear on television with guest shots in shows including; Miami Vice, Hill St. Blues, L.A Law, The Hitchhiker and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  His film roles included turns in Deadly Intention, Night Wish and Modern Girls.  The two black and white shots above and below are from Modern Girls

In 1992, Rohner appeared in the Spanish movie Los gusanos no llevan bufanda. (The Naked Target)  The film includes an extended nude scene which thanks to xyzpdq you can check out below.  The scene doesn't show much, and even less given the film only had a VHS release.  Thanks to Charles at DC, who provided some fairly decent caps. 

The Naked Target (1992)

 'A New York executive is handcuffed to a precious briefcase to which only his Spanish contact holds the key and of which many others are in hot pursuit.'

In addition to a few quick butt flashes, it does appear Rohner was nude in the film.  I'm not sure if the cap above is a frontal, or if he's wearing a cock sock.  My enlarging it and brightening it, (below) doesn't really solve the mystery.  It does however, make the cute actor look like an alien...  It does appear however, like a frontal, or at least, a well fitting sock.

Rohner's only other nude scene, that I could find anyway, was him slipping into the bathtub, with a high camera angle in the 1994 thriller Caroline at Midnight.  Rohner's continues to work as an actor and in the last few years appeared several movies, and in episodes of Justified and  Ozark.

Caroline at Midnight (1994)

'Victoria is a dealer in the most dangerous game. Playing conveniently into her hand is her husband and his partner, two of the dirtiest cops on the force. Gunning for her is a seductive lethal druglord. But in this game, Victoria's wildest card may be herself. She's falling in love with a reporter, who knows the secrets that could destroy them all.'

takeapic4u: Branch Office

'He seemed shy and stood behind the couch until I coaxed him out and calmed him down. In a couple minutes, he was pretty hard and leaking all over my floor non stop for about 2 hours.'

As most FH viewers are keenly aware, I love stories.  As much as I admire the male physique, when I see an image I like, my questions aren't usually about any part of the model's body.  They're about how the shot was captured, about the location, about the process.  Given in most cases the models are fully naked, I'm also curious about their level of comfortability, whether there were any nerves, or any unplanned surges or swells. 

When you work inside, in a studio or building, unplanned events can be easier to handle.  One can always slip into a bathroom if they need to either inflate or even deflate.  When your office is the woods, there are fewer opportunities for a moment alone.  We all know it's a little risky, to venture far from the path.  I wanted to ask Dave Larson (takeapic4u) about how how he got started, and any stories he share about his studio office, and his branch office, deep in the woods. 

When did you work with your first nude model? 
My first nude shoot was about 25 years ago. I had done an engagement photo shoot for a Dr/Nurse couple, and they loved the pictures…they were fun to work with and although it was a pretty standard photo set, we kind of clicked and they were super happy with the results. This was a particularly attractive and FIT couple. They ran marathons together and spent all their time working and in the gym. They both looked great and were a really beautiful couple. 

How did the shoot come about, and how did you find the model? 
I got a call from the newlywed wife asking me for another photo shoot. She wanted to have a photo shoot set up for her now husband so she could submit his photos to Playgirl Magazine, they had a guy next door contest feature and she wanted to show him off…and would I do it? I was cool, but kind of in a panic.

How much planning did you do? 
Research included looking up rules for the submission process, and obviously, full frontal was standard and, well, one other quite specific thing was required…full erection. God help me. 

How nervous were you during the first shoot? 
I had convinced myself it was no big deal. The nudity was pretty comfortable for me. Seems natural and honestly quite beautiful, male or female….its all about lines, definition and comfort. A boner…how did he feel about it? It was just us at his home…We discussed it for about 30 seconds and then we agreed we were both pros and we could get through it…several deep breaths later…he was standing there with a hard on. From there, the biggest issue was maintaining it without laughing until we got the shots that we needed. 

Did you struggle at all asking him to take off his clothes, or did it happen naturally and easily? 
This first guy…nudity was quite easy…he was half way there when I arrived. He was very comfortable in his skin, and put me at ease with it. Kind of a locker room feel. He looked great and took direction quite well. Nudity came naturally and wasn’t a big deal. Later, with other models, it could be a bit more struggle to get the clothes all the way off and set the body free for photos…once we get to that point though…most everyone is quite comfortable and we can joke and be relaxed to get good shots. 

Do you discuss erections with models, or just go with the flow in the moment? 
All shoots and expectations are discussed prior to getting together. Some models want to include erections. Some don’t. Models tend to have more trouble keeping blood flow going enough to look great than accidentally getting an erection. The male member can be quite a shy guy. Some models on the other hand are the opposite. 

I had a model about a year ago that was worried about not being able to show his best…once he was at my place to shoot, he seemed shy and stood behind the couch until I coaxed him out and calmed him down. In a couple minutes, he was pretty hard and leaking all over my floor non stop for about 2 hours. He seemed to “enjoy” the atmosphere more than some. Ha. He was definitely more excited about shooting than most models. It takes all kinds. We go with the flow and work with what we have to create the best images possible to show them off. All good regardless. 

Any bad shoots, or negative experiences?
Over the years I have only had a to reschedule a few shoots and one that sticks in mind was with a new model that was super nice looking and lean and had a shredded physique. I was excited to shoot him and he was all about doing a Dirty Nature shoot in full mud and a slow wash off in the river. I want through a list of things ahead with him so he was prepared…standard list for me anyway. Show up commando. I hate elastic band marks from underwear waistbands. Do not shave or wax anything you don’t normally do hair removal on, and come open minded with with ideas so we can collaborate to bring out your best. 

He decided, the day or so before the shoot to shave his chest, stomach, pubic area, ass, and legs…never done most of that before. He had so many tiny open red sores I couldn’t put him in mud or dirty river water for fear of infection, not to mention the nightmare that would be to edit. I felt terrible. Had driven about an hour to the location and we both had to agree shooting that day wasn’t a good idea. Sadly, he didn’t reschedule. I think he was too embarrassed by that and even with coaxing, didn’t respond. You would have loved seeing him though. Gorgeous guy. 

Do you have a favorite shoot or model you've shoot int he woods?
I have a few favorite models for different reasons. Models that show up with enthusiasm and confidence and ideas are the best. I love to collaborate and build a shoot that really shows them off, their way but with my view. It would be horrible to name names, but you can see who I post and most of my favorites shine as the favorites of the viewers as well. Don’t have to have the most ripped abs, sexiest head of hair, or biggest member to be a favorite by far. You do need to be fearless in front of the camera and like to show off what God gave you. Can be tasteful or erotic, doesn’t matter. Confidence really shows off the beauty that is there for sure. 

What has been your favorite moment shooting so far? 
My favorite moments come not from shooting, but after shooting, especially with someone that was interested, but not so sure about getting photos done. I love it when I work with someone that has not been photographed nude before by a photographer. The absolute best part is watching them go through proofs and being in awe that the photos are really them. That we could create something so special, and they are the center of it all. That is my favorite part.