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Favorite Pic of the day for March 2nd

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Come And Knock On My Door....

'We've been waiting for you....'

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A Winter's Skate

Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual
Featuring Sjur Nyvold and Tor Erik Bøe
Written & Directed by Vebjorn Guttørmsgaard Møllberg

Two young men skateboarding on the dock as they undress. A beautiful and intimate courtship ritual.

A couple of years ago, I saved a short video of two men skateboarding on a snowy winter's day.  I knew nothing about it, but I really loved it.  First off, the location reminded me of my high school.  It wasn't  possible however, as the video was filmed in Norway.

I also  fell in love with it's lyrical quality.  It was like a naked ballet, especially when the two men's penis's brushed together during the dance. This week, I found the video in an old folder, and decided it was time to find out more about it. 

The few minute video that I'd saved was from the 2011 short film Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual.  Written & Directed by Vebjorn Guttørmsgaard Møllberg, the two men doing their wheel motivated movements were actor and composer Sjur Nyvold and actor and artist Tor Erik Bøe.  Check out the video and enjoy the dance. 

RMark Photography: A Sculpture's Dream

'This was a very gratifying photo session for me.'

When I first saw images of Logan, (loganwiththeredhair) by Roger,( RMark Photography) on Instagram, my first thought that the striking model would be sculpture's dream.  A sculpture, a photographer or any artist for that matter, would be inspired by Logan's incredible body and the stunning classic poses he so beautifully creates. 

When it came to planning the theme for the shoot, it wasn't a surprise to learn that Logan's physique also inspired Roger in the planning.  Roger looked to the classic poses captured by another artist, a sculptor and painter famous for his works featuring the male form.

'It was great to work with Logan on these mostly classical poses. His dance training gave him the ability to make specific adjustments in the poses. For many, we started with poses taken from Michelangelo's Sistine chapel ceiling frescos. Then, we made quite a few variations in the poses.' .