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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 9th

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The Bottom Line


Riverdale returns this week and the previews indicate we're in store for lots of KJ Apa skin!  I enjoy Riverdale, and I love me some KJ,  but am really hoping the writers balance out the writing in season 3.  I hope entire cast (especially Casey Coot) are given decent story and not just the 'fab 4' the writers seem think are the only characters we want to see.

Horror Hunks: Dan Shor in Strange Behavior, 1981

' A scientist is experimenting with teenagers and turning them into murderers.'

It's October, and FH readers know that means Horror Hunks are back for the remainder of the month. Although filmed in New Zealand, the setting is in a sleepy American town, in which a series of gory murders committed by local teenagers are linked to a twisted brainwashing scheme by a deranged behavioral psychologist.

The nude scene in Strange Behavior is brief, but erotic due to the casualness in which Pete (Dan Shor)  walks naked towards the bathroom to hand his policeman father (Michael Murphy) a towel.  Although I have been working Horror Hunks for many years now, this scene caught my eye awhile ago and was going to be the first piece in the HH series.

It took me awhile to find a copy of the film as it was listed where I found with the film's other title, 'Dead Kids.'   I found the film in the summer then put it away only pulling it out to watch just last month.  The adorable curly headed Dan may be familiar to many for his roles as Billy the Kid in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure as well as roles on Cagney & Lacey, Beauty and the Beast, Thirtysomething, Star TrekL The Next Generation, The X Files and more recently on Blue Bloods and Bull.

The Process Principal: Jarron By Chris Freeman

'Oh, how absolutely beautiful this man is in front of a camera.'

I couldn't agree with Chris more and felt the same thing the first time I discovered Jarron's work.  It was about a year ago, that I first saw images of Jarron from photographer takeapic4u.  I was struck by the powerful allure and sensuality Jarron projected, most intensely from his incredibly beautiful brown eyes.

I was impressed with Jarron's skill and ability to adapt to wherever he was shooting, whether shooting on location, in a shower or field of flowers, Jarron always seemed to pull in and exude the feel of his surrounding.  I think what most struck me about Jarron's images were the diverse looks he achieved depending on where, and who he was shooting with.  By making small changes with his hair length or style, and slight deviations with his body weight and muscle mass, Jarron has the ability to look strikingly different from shoot to shoot, image to image.

Although he looks like a natural in front of the camera, Jarron works hard to make it look easy.  Jarron strives to give his all and create the best images as he possibly can.  The 24 year old acknowledges that by setting such a high goal to meet,  he sometimes overthinks things.  Instead of letting this defeat him, Jarron considers it a challenge, and feels it's part of the process in striving for greatness and being the best he can be.

The process piece of creativity is a theme I love to explore.  Most models and photographers have a process in reaching their creative goals.  Most of the images you're viewing in this piece come from the third shoot over a two day period.  Both Jarron and photographer Chris Freeman felt they could push beyond the first shoot and a visit to a Museum in between shoot one and shoot three ended up providing not just inspiration, but served as the perfect process piece to reach a creative climax.

'I traveled to St. Louis for the shoot and rented a third story, HUGE one bedroom Airbnb. It had many architectural features that lent themselves well to photography. The first day of the shoot was a day of learning. At the end of the day, I reviewed the photos with Jarron and showed him what worked and what didn't.'

'I didn’t really know what direction we were headed for, I always draw a blank when asked what I want to shoot, call it a creative hang up I guess. When we started shooting Chris was very proactive in helping to style my poses and giving direction that I took to heart and did my best to apply to the shoot at hand. We ended up with some very solid photos this day but some were really not what we anticipated.'

At the end of the shoot, Chris decided to invite Jarron to join him at the St. Louis Art Museum the following day.  Jarron gladly accepted.  It was that visit to the Museum, and the images they created there, that led to a return visit to the airbnb and inspired most of the images in this piece.  Museums are often inspirational, but if you check out a few shots from their Museum visit (on page 2 HERE:) you'll see why it was so transitional to the process and why both Jarron and Chris were motivated to  push beyond their first shoot and create images they both were excited about.

'My time with Chris was a rush the entire time. Its not like it was my first shoot but to be shooting in an airBNB made me feel as If for a brief moment.... I had made it to the top.'

'Only someone so flexible would be able to do this. Later that day, we returned to the Airbnb and it was on this second day that Jarron nailed most of the poses you see here.  Jarron was one of the most naturally talented and photogenic men I've ever seen, let alone had in focus in front of my camera. He spends significant time every day doing yoga and his flexibility, as you can see, is extraordinary. I had seen his photos on Model Mayhem and was struck with both his handsome and strong face and his beautifully proportioned, strong body, which happens to be draped in finely textured and evenly colored skin. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone with this unique combination of flexibility, strength, and sheer beauty.'

With their process down, and the successful results of their last shoot, both artist and model planned another, this time a few months later in Chicago. Jarron says he was going through camera withdraw and wanted to shoot something active, tying his active wear and his love of Yoga. Chris shares that Jarron is one of his all time favorite models to shoot and Jarron shares that he is appreciative of all he learned from

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 8th

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Happy 48th to actor Matt Damon!

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The St .Louis Art Museum: Jarron by Chris Freeman

'Chris picked me up the next day in his sports car and had me thrilled the entire ride as he showed his downplayed NASCAR skills. At this point I’ve warmed up and gotten to know Chris a bit more and feeling more loose and comfortable with the situation.'

Chris Freeman reports that on the second day of his St. Louis visit, taking a 'break' to go to the museum, Jarron was literally oozing with creativity, especially as took inspiration from some of the sculptures on display as he replicated some of the classic poses.  Although I love the sultry and sexy side Jarron showed in the nude portion of their work, these shots are some of my favorites from his 2 day shoot with Chris.  You can feel how the Museum and it's art hit Jarron and flowed through him and came out in such beautiful and energized poses.

'We make it to the art museum and he grabs his camera which I didn’t anticipate so it took me by surprise, but I then had a huge flame burning inside me to redeem myself from out first shoot; yesterday! As we walked around the museum taking the pictures felt natural and being goofy for me which is normal turned out some pretty extraordinary photos in my opinion'

Chicago, 4th Shoot