Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 24th

How about a nice shot of model James Guardino.

Favorite Birthdays for June 24th

No one really excited me much today for favorite birthdays, but I did not want to miss out wishing 3 great actors a Happy Birthday.

I loved Sherry Stringfield in her first few seasons on ER. I stopped watching ER many years ago, but tuned back in when she returned, but Susan and the show were not the same. I still think Sherry is great and really enjoyed her supporting part in 54. Sherry turns 41 today.

Riptides Joe Penny turns 52 today.

The Pollyanna of Seaview Circle, Michelle Lee turns 66 today.

Favorite Photo Shoot which should not have happened...

I have no real issue with Mario Lopez, I mean he seems ok. I am just not a big fan. I have yet to be overly impressed with a performance of his and although cute I guess, seems a bit overexposed for the actual work he does. That being said, I think Mario made a big mistake doing the current People magazine spread.

Now, I know you Mario fans will not be happy to hear me say this, but you usually do pics like these for a laugh (which is maybe why he did them) or to improve on the original. Well, lets just say, in my humble opinion, Mario does not old a candle to the original pics of Richard Gere, Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds, Christopher Atkins and the other actors he copied. Sorry Mario fans, but these guys are icons, even Atkins whose acting jobs are few and far between is an icon to many gay fans growing up in the 80's. Mario pales in comparrison.

Just because as he gets older, Christopher Atkins, now 47, remains hot as hell!