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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 26th

Jason Voorhees by TR Pics
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Gayson by Alberto de Chirico

I hadn't really planned on featuring Jason Voorhees this year.  I've been fortunate to have featured several photographers, and their artistic visions of the iconic horror movie maniac, in previous pieces.  New images, and new creative interpretations however, always get me excited and this year, there were a few more versions of Voorhees that I was excited to share.

This past spring, I was fortunate to discover and feature, (HERE:) the magically unique work of artist Alberto de Chirico.  Alberto brings his artistic flare and light painting style to creative concepts and imagery.  This year, Alberto did a series of shots giving a queer touch to some iconic horror films and their resident killers. 

This series, featuring model Nicholas Sartori, features Gayson, a tortured soul always on the look out for fresh meat to butcher and devour.   There are several other classic horror villains from Alberto that you can look forward to seeing as the countdown to Halloween continues.  Alberto plans on putting all of his villainous visions together in a book for release next year.  I'll be sure to let you know when it's available. 

A Bevy of Butchers

 'Dude, that goalie was pissed about something!'
Freeburg, Freddy vs. Jason

Owen Lindberg

I'm not really into the sexualization of serial killers and psychopaths, but with fictional movie characters, I'm all for it.  I'm not really sure I know why, many cinema slaughterers motivate not only fans and viewers of the films, but creatives and artists as well.

Next 2 images by Brett Kiellerop

I think the fist time I really saw, enjoyed and featured depictions of Jason's junk was about ten years ago.  In his book Aussie Gods, photographer Brett Kiellerop shot several models wearing the Jason mask on their face, and on their heads...  I love the many creative ways Brett shot the many models featured, from shoots on incredible Australian beaches, to elaborate studio shoots featuring costumes and body painting. 

Dirtroad by Noplacia 

One of my favorite 'Jason' inspired shoots is definitely photographer Gary Larson (Noplacia) and his work with model DirtRoad.  DirtRoad has always been one of my favorite models, and I have been fortunate to have featured many of Gary's shoots with him over the years. This Friday the 13th themed shoot remains a stand out. 

David & Andrew

I love the shots model and digital creators David and Andrew took this year honoring not only Jason Voorhees, but several other hunky horror hellions as well. 


If you're a fan of Jason, and a fan of cosplay, you've most likely seen the work of another Jason, (dontgojasonwaterfallstx).  The Texas based model, and self described comic geek, has picked up Jason's machete several times over the years.

 And.. a favorite Jason themed video

Don't Count on Making it to Saturday Morning...

'You're doomed, you're all doomed!
Crazy Ralph

There is a core connection between horror films and queer culture for sure, but that's not the only reason I devote many of my Autumn pieces to the hunks of horror.  If you watch most mainstream movies, especially now, when it feels like every second release is a Marvel or DC based film, the male characters are pretty much the same.

America loves their action movies, their action heroes and Hollywood loves to comply.  It doesn't hurt these movies are not driven by story or dialogue, but by eye-catching visuals that translate well to foreign countries and on-English speaking parts of the world.  Don't get me wrong, the Friday the 13th series is not Shakespeare, but the films do include something most action films don't, a dose of male vulnerability 

Jason is an equal opportunity butcher, killing whoever and whenever he's in the mood, and he's always in the mood!  Like many successful horror films however, the focus, well the nudity lens anyway, is usually on the women.  Although nudity is actually sparsely used in the franchise, when there is a nude scene, it's usually a woman's breasts or behind. 


The series is however, filled with a multitude of hot guys, most of which don't it to the closing credits alive.  The original film started with a brief (very brief) butt shot from Kevin Bacon, not to mention a quick view of Bacon's bulging speedo.(HERE:)  Sadly, that trend didn't really continue with subsequent films.

The films were full of hot looking men, some of whom (Russell Todd, Kevin Spirtas,) I've featured spotlighting nude scenes from their other projects, there are a few however, who actually had nude scenes in the Friday the 13th franchise. 

I think if I were to choose my favorite all time male cast from the film series, it would be the guys from 1984's Friday the 13th, The Final Chapter.  The cast includes; Erich Anderson, Clyde Hayes, Crispin Glover, Lawrence Monoson and Peter Barton.


We get a great view of  the adorable Monoson during the skinning dipping scene, and a brief flash of Hayes as he swings nude into the water.  Sadly we don't get any skin from Anderson, but he's still a nice piece of eye-candy to enjoy as you watch.

Peter Barton

Looking back on those 80's teen idols, I always thought Peter Barton was the most beautiful.  I remember seeing his pictures in old teen magazines and crushing over that face and those eyes.  Tragically, the this film missed the opportunity to give us a little Barton butt.  They had two easy opportunities, the skinny dipping scene, and his final moments in the shower.  Missed opportunity for sure!

More Male Nudity from Friday the 13th

Everywhere to run. Nowhere to hide: Eduin & Edgardo by TR Pics

'His name was Jason... and today, is his birthday." "You're going to Camp Blood, ain't ya? You'll never come back again. It's got a death curse!'
Crazy Ralph

As I shared earlier, new work always get's me excited and Tom's (TR PICS) visual trip back to Crystal Lake was one of the image series that I really wanted to explore more this Halloween season.  Some of you may remember that I posted a couple of teaser shots from this elaborate shoot last year, but I got in touch with Tom earlier this month about featuring more from the series. 

I especially loved the shoot because it takes place in the woods, the location for most of the action, and the slaughters, in the first few movies.  We were never allowed to rent, let alone watch, scary movies at my house, but I was able to catch some of the Friday the 13th films at some of my friends houses, usually at parties and sleep overs.  

I think they were the first 'slasher' films I ever saw, and they haunted me for years, even when I got older. I remember distinctly being a camp counsellor myself in the 90's and having flashbacks to those films, especially when out in the woods.  One of our activities for each set of campers, was leaving the cabins for a night in the woods.  No tent, just a sleeping bag.  As I 'pretended' to be strong and confident when the kids were awake, I was shaking over every noise and branch crack once the campers were all asleep. 

The manic behind the mask in this series is Eduin, a model many of you have enjoyed in more pleasant settings, in previous pieces on the site. (HERE:)  For this series, Jason's (Eduin) prey is actually his best friend Edgardo. Tom has shot both Eduin and Edgardo together and separately many times over the past few years. 

'Eduin and Edgardo decided they wanted to do a "horror shoot" together, but make it a little sexy by being naked. They went to Party City and bought all the fake blood and machete, and I supplied my backyard. It was really a fun, goofy shoot and I think we all learned how hard it is to make "scary" look realistic when you're close friends and the proper mood isn't set. 

Some of these shots came out really well, but there were a lot of "cutting room floor" takes.  it was a fun experience and I like what we got.'

Behind the Scenes:

As soon as Tom mentioned 'cutting room floor' takes, I got excited.  As much as I loved the original series, I was really excited about some possible behind the scenes shots.  Tom didn't didn't disappointed.  They actually filmed a behind the scenes story and even a video, to go along with the shoot.   

Tom generously sent on some BTS shots to accompany the first set of shots. I love seeing Edgardo's smile in-between shots, as well as Tom's assistant ready with more blood, lots and lots of blood!