Thursday, April 15, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 15th

The wonderful Kyle Pinsonneault whom I profile below.
Enjoy your Friday!

The List: Pamela Anderson

Although I know many check out FH for the pictures, I know there are few of you out there who also read my ramblings from time to time. I have talked in some of my past posts about my life and my struggle to come out in my 20's. Up until that point the I had only had sex with women and in fact was engaged until I finally got the strength to be honest with myself. I did not hate sex with women, in fact I quite enjoyed it. I did however know that I was not happy and certainly was missing something.

This leads me to 'the list'. Some of you might find this annoying, (so simply skip by) some might enjoy it and some might even relate. 'The list' in this case is of women I not only love, but as well find sexually attractive.

Let me start by saying up until Dancing With The Stars this season I had little respect for Pamela Anderson. I never watched Baywatch, never really saw her in anything except magazines. I knew of her sex tapes, her playboy layouts and some crazy behavior. Dancing however has shown me another side of this woman. I cannot help it but she has won me over. Even with the hair dye and the fake boobs there is something so naturally sexy about her that it literally pours through the television screen. I never thought I would use natural and Pamela Anderson in the same sentence but watching her dance is surprisingly erotic to me (and it is not just the adorable Damian Whitewood).

I am sure some of you think I am crazy, but I am sure a few of you might relate. I think Pamela going down for her splits on the last episode was one of the most beautiful and sexy things on tv I have seen in awhile. It is very interesting to me when one project can change my feelings about someone so dramatically.

Thumbs Down: ABC

Over the past decade ABC has been the network that has taken great chances with putting on unique and original television shows. Although ABC might wish to have a Law & Order or a CSI they do not. Not having such a show, or it's spin off has enabled ABC to take greater risks with their prime time line up. ABC has supported some wonderful prime time hour long dramas. Grey's Anatomy, Lost and Desperate Housewives have brought attention and ratings to the alphabet network. When these shows hit and become ratings giants, ABC is quick to support them with publicity and schedule consistency.

ABC has also launched some equally acclaimed shows which have not reached the rating highs of the shows mentioned above. Life on Mars, Pushing Daisy's were critically praised and earned the network respect and awards. ABC did not seem to care very much. As much as they take risks when putting on a new show, they don't seem to be able to follow it up with much support and protection. It is like taking care to find the right puppy for your home only to bring it home, tie it in the backyard and ignore it.

One such show ended last night. Some might say that Ugly Betty was done well by ABC. I would disagree. ABC should have known Betty never would get the ratings a Desperate Housewives would get. Betty was a success, a huge one. Just not big enough for ABC. Betty was well written, well acted and unique. It was embraced by critics and had legions of fans. While some might simply say the ratings dropped I would argue what was dropped was the ABC. Betty was special show a show that required attention, love and protection. It needed careful scheduling and publicity. ABC seems to have set this show adrift last season and never bothered to look for it. The cast of Betty was amazing and certainly cost much less than the huge cast of Grey's. Betty deserved better. Betty deserved at least another season or two. Betty deserved to reach 100. Betty, it's cast and it's fans though are far too nice. Sweet really, like the show the fans, although sad it is going are grateful for the 4 seasons it was given. I am angry. Angry that ABC does not see that by yanking good shows with decent ratings off the air. Who is going to commit to a show on ABC knowing the network shows such little faith in its gems.

Goodbye Betty. Your finale was quiet, understated and hit a perfect note. You will be missed.

Favorite Face of the Day: Kyle Pinsonneault

If the measure of a man is how they live, 23 year old Kyle Pinsonneault is doing just fine. There is something pretty special about Kyle who hails from Chatham, Ontario. Kyle made the move to the States and now lives and works in New York. One of the ways Kyle maintains his great body is through swimming and was a National Champion swimmer in Canada. I love Kyle's look, it is sexy, strong and classy. These three words could also be used to describe Kyle the person. In researching models it is often that those around them give glowing descriptions to the 'model'. Those around Kyle however give equal praise to the person. Kyle, who is represented by Models International, has such a beautiful face and his look easily moves from high fashion to swimwear and underwear right through to the runway.

There is a great profile and interview with Kyle at World of Models if you want to know more about this great guy. Check that out HERE:

Kyle Pinsonneault

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 170 lbs
Measurements: 38-31-32
Shoe size: 11
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Experienced

Above: Kyle by Zeke Photography.

Next three images from one of my favorites, David Arnot.

Below: Kyle by Michael Ching.

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Remaining images from the great Rick Day.