Sunday, October 17, 2010

Favorite Pic Of The Day for October 17th

Image from Bill McClaren

Happy Birthday today October 17th to:

Happy Birthday today October 17th to:

Chris Lowell turns 26 today.

Kimi Räikkönen turns 31 today. (More of Kimi on FH).

Eminem turns 38 today.

And one of my favorite shots of Eminem (with Sacha Baron Cohen on the MTV Awards).

Creative Alliance: Bill McClaren & Michael Puff

October has always been my favorite month of the year. Autumn, cooler weather and the beginning of the holidays always gets me energized.

This October FH marked it third anniversary. During the first year of the blog, FH grew slowly hitting close to 10,000 hits each day. The second year of the blog the hits did not grow to any great extent, but I feel that the creativity did. It was in year two I began direct collaborations with the photographers, models, actors and as many subjects I profiled as I could get in touch with. It was then the blog really became what it set out to be. Hearing the stories about how certain shots came about, what motivates and inspires artists has always been what I have been curious about and wanted to share. As FH enters it's forth year I am really happy with where it is. This past year the hits have grown to a place I could not have imagined.

October also began with a series of posts which ended up being some of my favorites to date. Photographers Bill McClaren & Michael Puff. each shared their work with dancer Damon Mahoney. I truly enjoyed exploring the way each artist chose to approach the shoot and how the same model, the same subject, was viewed through the lens of two different men.

Today Bill and Michael generously share their work with another model, another dancer, Dale. Dale has a look a world's away from Damon Mahoney yet, their is a quality, the beauty of movement, that both dancers share.

Thanks so much to again to Bill and Michael for sharing their work with FH!