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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 2nd

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Happy Birthday today January 2nd

Happy 48th to actor Dax Shepard!

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When in Rome (2010)

This Is Where I Leave You (2014)

CHiPS (2017)

Seasonal Sightings:

As Soon as he Enters the Room: Robbie by Jack Saul Photography

'Robbie's the sort of person who starts taking his clothes off as soon as he enters the room.'

One of the things I like about Blogger's Stats is the ability to see what works and what doesn't.  I know from that stats that the most clicked on post each day is the Pic of the Day.  I know that people still enjoy checking out whose birthday it is and I know that some of my 'long winded' political and opinion oriented posts are quickly skimmed by.  I also know which models seem to most grab viewers attention.

When I was recently messaging with photographer Jack Saul about a post to kick off the New Year, the choice was an easy one.  Jack and Robbie have shot multiple times over the last three years, and Jack had hundreds of images and themes to choose from.  Secondly, I knew from Robbie's previous FH appearance, (HERE:) that he was one of the most popular models of Jack's that I have featured.  With Robbie's adorable face and great body, it's not hard to understand why.

When Jack sent on images, hundreds of images, my choice of shot was an easy one.  I'd recently seen a shot of Robbie that Jack had posted on his Instagram and really loved the pose and lighting he used.  As a peripatetic photographer, Jack is often on t he road, shooting in hotels and motels.  Given it's not really practical to drag a lot of lighting equipment with him, Jack has to depend on the lighting that's  available. 

Given how often he shoots, Jack as gotten to like certain rooms and certain hotels based on their large, sometimes floor to ceiling windows, and the natural light they provide.  For this series however, Jack utilized the bed lights to illuminate Robbie's face and body creating a distinctive mood and images unique to many of the sets of images of Jack's I featured before.

What is your favorite part of his look, physique or appearance?

Hmm, that would have been a difficult question to answer previously - I'd have probably said his physique and confidence but now I think his slightly longer hairstyle, as featured in the most recent images, really suits him & completes his "look"/appeal 

What's Robbie  like?

He's very confident, friendly & open once you get to know him, so he's very much the sort of model whereby the work gets better/easier/more interesting as you get to know him more.  He's become more of a friend than a model/collaborator now and he's always happy to make time for modelling. Also, I do have a little bit of a following now and I can confidently say he seems to be one of the most popular models I work with by far, in terms of the "audience".

What's he like in front of the camera?

It depends what mood he's in - sometimes he can be quite serious and tends to stick to certain stock poses he's learned, luckily I know him well enough now to be able to coax him out of it usually. His default setting is fun, though and most of the time he's just messing about. I like to think his personality shines through in the images, as I try not to over-direct wherever possible. 

Were the erection shots planned or discussed beforehand? 

When he first started modelling, he preferred to be photographed erect as he felt it was more flattering and helped his confidence. He tends to just do whatever the photographer asks now. I think I've photographed him erect 3 times out of 6/7 shoots total - the first 2 times was entirely down to him but the last time we shot some erotic content, I asked for it (due to persistent requests from his fanbase, lol) 

12 Days: Michael Rady in A New Year's Resolution

'When a morning show producer makes a New Year's resolution to say yes more, she crosses paths with a confirmed Yes man who just might hold the key to her biggest story and to her heart.'

Yes, this is my last 12 Days post of the Christmas and New Year's season, no more until at least Valentines...   I planned this piece for my New Year's Even posts, but after working on the Sex & Cinema piece, there wasn't room for anything else.

I know I've featured Hallmark hottie Michael Rady in a 12 Days Christmas themed piece before, but as a regular in the networks holiday films, he a welcomed face whenever he appears. Hallmark films tend to be hit and miss, and I know if they'll be a hit after about a minute and a half.  Rady seems to have the knack of picking movies that have me sticking all the way through.

Like so many, I first noticed and crushed over Rady in his film debut as Kostas in 2005's Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.   Lucky Lena, (Alexis Bledel) meets the studly Kostas while on vacation in Greece and a travel tryst begins.  I then followed Rady to his many of his television appearances, including regular roles on shows including; Melrose Place, Greek, Emily Owens MD, The Mentalist and Jane the Virgin

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)

Sleeper Cell (2006)

One of Rady's most memorable television appearances was his four episode stint on the Showtime drama Sleeper Cell. (2006/2007)  Rady played Jason who meets, Salim (Omid Abtahi) at the gym. When Salim struggles with some heavy weights, Jason comes to the rescue.  The two meet again in locker room and things get instantly hot.

Rady and Abtahi are incredibly hot together, and their sex scene was one of the hottest, and most intense that I've seen on television.  Things don't end well as Salim is closeted and his Islamic fundamentalism have made him self-loathing and violent.  Other than having sex, he's not really comfortable in a relationship with another man.  For a few brief episodes however, the two were combustible on screen.