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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 24th

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A Vintage Vantage: 1980

40 years ago in 1980, The Empire Strikes Back was released, Dallas and The Dukes of Hazzard ruled Friday nights on television, CNN was launched, Mount St. Helens erupted, The Winter Olympics took place in Lake Placid and John Lennon was shot and killed. It was also the year model Byron Hawkwood took the top spot as cover boy for Colts 1980 Calendar. Check out the rest of the year on THE NEXT PAGE HERE:

Prime Time Supporters: Cole Gerdes

'I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut.'

For this adorable squirrel, the specific nut in question, is his acting career.   Most of you, have probably seen his handsome face, but you may not know his name.  I first spotted actor Cole Gerdes on an episode of last season's Mom, and then remembered him from a episode last season of Modern Family.


The actor and former model has appeared in many TV movies and guest starring roles on television including stints on Black-ish and Baby Daddy.  Gerdes also created, wrote, produced and starred in Model Idiots, a Youtube series about two struggling living together in Los Angeles.  Cole knows a thing to two about modeling having once been signed with the Ford Model Agency.

Being on the hut for just the right nut, especially when your a husband and father, means taking the occasional beefcake role, and using your good looks to help promote your prime time work.   Cole's appeared shirtless several times on television, including on Modern Family, and uses some of his hottest publicity shots to promote his frequent television appearance.

Modern Family

Photo below by shelliwrightphoto

After a long day of nutting...

The August Sweater: Wesley by Studio1x

'This morning, the sun endures past dawn. I realise that it is August: the summer’s last stand'
Sara Baume

Everyone who experiences living in an area with four distinct seasons, knows getting dressed in the morning can be a challenge.  There are days that begin spring-like, sunny and warm, and end with temperatures dropping and snow starting to fall.  I see people in parka's on chilly summer nights and people in shorts in the middle of January.  August, can be an especially risky month when it comes to deciding what to wear...

For most, August is peak summer, but about the middle of the month, there are subtle changes that begin to occur.  Although the afternoons generally remain hot and summer like, an Autumn chill has quietly crept into the early mornings and late evenings.  Most of us, especially in the Northeast, have learned to deal with this with an August sweater.

We could wear a jacket, but it's still too early, and depressing to pull those out.  We all have fall and winter sweaters, but they're far to heavy for August.  The August sweater is lighter, both with the choice of fabric, and the color.  It's lightness also means that we can throw it in a bag, or chuck it in the back of the car when not needed.  I often wear my August sweater to work in the morning, then throw it in the backseat until I'm ready to go home.

Now unlike Wesley, most of us wear pants with our August sweater, but really, when you have a body like Wesley's, especially those spectacular legs, there aren't really any rules on how, when or what to wear with your August attire.  Many FH readers might recognize Wesley's legs, and his beautiful face, from my previous piece with Wesley from last Halloween. (Perfect Stranger)  With Wesley in studio, Jim from Studio1x took the opportunity to shoot some non-holiday themes and images, including this series with Wesley's form fitting blue sweater.

'I loved how Wesley looked in the blue sweater, not that my models keep clothes on for very long.'

Although though the weather doesn't quite teeter-totter as drastically in the Pacific Northwest where Wesley lives, the nights and early mornings can sometimes go below 10° (50°) and keeping a sweater handy is a wise idea.  Given how well Wesley takes care of his body, it only makes sense he also puts great care in how he cover's it, and uncovers it.   Wesley had been working with Jim on shooting images to help build his portfolio and after a few collaborations, it was time to shoot some studio work.

'Wesley had just purchased a bunch of new clothes so it give us a lot to work with,  When working, with each shoot and model in addition to nudes, I also always try to include some Instagram safe shots. One of sweaters Wesley brought was a nice blue that fit him very well. We used it more as a prop and tired out many different poses and  just had a lot of fun with it.'

Many people use retail therapy to deal with stress and heartache, and for Wesley, his recent clothes buying, and his shoot with Jim, proved to be a therapeutic distraction.  Wesley had recently gotten out of a bad relationship, and the shoot proved not only beneficial in building his portfolio, but the session also proved to be quite liberating and a much needed shot of self-esteem at just the right time.

'Modeling, especially fitness and nude modeling, can often be a healthy way to get mentally grounded, especially seeing your outside beauty as others see you. '

Jim shares that just after the shoot, Wesley began seeing a new woman, who was very encouraging of Wesley's modeling and his shoot with Jim.  She was especially supportive when Jim began posting the images on Instagram, and loved and supported the results of their collaboration together.  The only downside to a new friend, or a great model, getting into a new happy and healthy relationship was that it lessened Wesley's free time for future shoots.  Hopefully when the relationship settles into a groove, Wesley will be back in the studio again.

In the meantime, if you love Wesley in his August sweater, see more of him without it, on