Sunday, July 7, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 8th

Brandon Connelly by T-W-D photos

Happy Birthday today July 8th

Check out today's birthdays including Milo Ventimiglia (pictured) as well as Michael Weatherly, Kevin Bacon & even more HERE:

Milo then (above) and last year in Adam Sandler's That's My Boy

The Payoff: Brandon Connelly By T-W-D photos

'I will make it happen. He who dares for nothing need hope for nothing. I am fearless yet well grounded, adventurous, outgoing, honest and open to new experiences all the while never losing my focus.'
Brandon Connelly

It was just over two years ago that I first profiled the work of Seattle model Brandon Connelly, that post, I titled Memorable. I loved Brandon's look, and his attitude, and have covered his work and career progression many times since that first post. Brandon has always been great to answer questions and help with pieces and I loved how on his Facebook Page, he covered both the highs, and the lows of fighting to make it in the world of modeling. One of the things I most respect about Brandon is his work ethic. Brandon never took the jobs he got for granted, nor did he look down on any work that could further his career. Brandon has worked steadily, diligently and hard the past two years and this past month it was rewarded. I am very happy to share Brandon has officially been signed! The hard work, the networking, the shoots, in the woods, in the water and everywhere in between. has lead to a well deserved pay off!

I am especially pleased to share this news with images from Travers Dow from T-W-D photos. It was Traver's images that first introduced me to Brandon and it was their early work together that I featured in my first profile of his work. Brandon says since that first shoot, he and Travers have shot together another three or four times. Over the past two years both of their work has progressed and Travers has been working with many agency models in the Seattle area and says Travers has been an important part of the learning process he has gone through.

'The location was a spur of the moment thing. I wanted to shoot outside and get some shots with the sunlight and Travers suggested we go to an old mill area. We when we arrived, we found it was no longer there and it was replaced with a parking lot. We then drove to some train tracks and figured we would just shoot there but I saw construction site with nobody working and no signs that said we couldn't enter... If you looked at the site it didn't look like much, but in the finished photos from Travers, it ended up making an awesome location.'

Favorite Video Of The Day: Alejandro Salgueiro Behind The Scenes in Lose It

[uh-ron-kah] action verb:

-to ignite, to turn on , to lift off
-to be fabulous and free
-the ability to not care what others think of you

I know this video featuring underground androgynous male artist Dani Arranka made the rounds last year, but I only caught a viewing this week. I love these images, shot by photographer Charles Quiles (who also directed the video) featuring Dani and male supermodel Alejandro Salgueiro (styling by Filip Berdek). I love Alejandro is in the video, he has a killer smile and seems to be having so much fun. He embodies not caring what others think and especially love how comfortable he appears in the last few frames, posing naked with the crew from the video.

I Want Candy! Peter Pretty in by Troy Wise

Photographer: Troy Wise
Stylist: Rick Guzman
Underwear: teamm8, aussieBum, N2N Bodywear & Dolce & Gabbana