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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 15th

David by TR Pics
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Just Because: The Golden Globes

I know I know! Sorry to those who came to FH looking for, and those who wrote me wondering where my 'skin' filled list of nominee's was! I did do it, but was too busy this weekend to post. I did however put a special Golden Globe edition of FH together Here on page 2 of the blog featuring my usual list of nominations, (showing the most skin I could find) as well as my thoughts on some of the show and of course my take on Jodie Fosters speech!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler rocked! They needed more time to shine! I had just commented to a friend that Michael J. Fox's son had better watch out when Tina came out with it. Tina's comments to and about Taylor Swift went further than anything from Ricky Gervais. Here's hoping they are back next year!

Idiosyncrasies: David by TR Pics

I cannot believe it has been a year since I profiled the work of Dallas photographer Tom Rubeck from TR Pics. It was last January when I featured Tom's work with Vincent WolFang (Right Before The Lens:). That post hit a nerve with several readers who commented and e-mailed me about the images and theme of the piece.

In the profile, Vincent expressed that there was a time when he felt shame about his body hair. Over time, helped in part by his modeling, he developed both acceptance and pride in embracing something that at one time he struggled with. It is odd, yet at the same time perfectly natural, that certain idiosyncrasies about ourselves, some of which we may try to hide, are actually part of the reason others are attracted to us.

Tom Rubeck is a photographer who likes to zero in on idiosyncrasies, both visible ones and others you might not notice if not for the camera's focus. Face and body characteristics, mannerisms, facets of personality and the loves and passions that drive the men in front of his camera. In doing so, Tom ends up with images with meaning that goes beyond what you see on the surface and a deeper connection between model, photographer and captured moment.

David is not a model, just a regular guy who Tom describes as very intelligent and lots of fun to work with. 'He is very secure with himself, and was not shy at all to pose.' The shoot took place almost a year ago at a new, trendy hotel in Dallas. Tom says they shot in seven different area's of the room, playing with both natural lighting, as well as a single chimera.

Tom's focus, and the themes that arose within the work, stemmed from aspects of David's life. David has a particular interest in the life of hustlers and escorts, and although he is not one, is fascinated in exploring and researching the lifestyle. David eventually hopes to publish work on the subject. Many of the images stemmed from this, and the emotions that one might connect with a life of sex with strangers in countless faceless motel rooms. I love how Tom captured those moments, before or after the sex, when the hustler is once again alone. There is quiet isolation within any sex for pay transaction, beautifully caught in Tom's black and whites. I especially how the natural light from the outside slides over David's face and body.

The second part of the shoot wasn't nearly as emotional or deep, but equally as enjoyable nonetheless. David is a huge lover of Superheroes hence the appearance and unveiling of The Flash.

Blast From The Past For January 15th: Mark Harmon

I have not seen Mark Harmon in much recently. Don't hate me, but I have not seen an entire episode of NCIS ever. For some reason I equate with Matlock or any other show my parents always have on, volume blaring loudly when I visit.

I still however love Mark Harmon. I think I first saw Harmon as bad boy doctor on St. Elsewhere. (See my previous posts featuring The Men From St. Elsewhere HERE:) I think the first time I sat up and paid attention when when I was about 11 or 12 and say Mark on screen and caught a brief glimpse of butt as he got it on with Meg Ryan in The Presidio.

I went on to lust after Harmon, and his great furry chest, in various television shows and movies but I think my favorite Harmon role to date was in Stealing Home. This film is one of Jodie Foster's (See next page) most underrated movies, and never ceases to make me think every time I watch. Harmon is at his movie star best in the movie and watching Jodie Foster at The Golden Globes last night had me want to see yet again one of my favorite of her films.

Harmon may not have been able to maintain his presence on the big screen, but he is undeniable one of the televisions biggest, and most popular stars. Harman has a gigantic fan base, mostly of women, of ages. There are few actors who reach some levels of fame on television not because of talent and the characters they play. Harmon never found a character quite like Larry Hagman did with J.R or Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker. Instead, he reached the icon standing because of what he represents to his fans. There is a likability that Harmon exudes, much like actors Richard Dean Anderson and Nathan Fillion, that resonates with those who watch that makes them want to follow him from role to role and show to show.

Many people watch certain shows because they like the mode of storytelling, many people watch Mark Harmon shows because they simply like Mark Harmon.

St. Elsewhere (1983-1986)

Saturday Night Live (1987)

Sweet Bird Of Youth (1989)

The Presidio (1988)

Fourth Story (1991)

The Battle of The Bluge: Mark Harmon

Although sadly I never got to see Mark Harmon or any of the other speedo clad television starts from the 70's on 80's on the old Battle Of The Network Stars when they aired, thanks to e-bay, I have been able to watch a few old recordings.

Although most of the copies you can buy are old VHS and even beta recordings converted to DVD, (you can often see the squiggly lines in need of tracking at the bottom) the ones I purchased were decent enough to enjoy the red and blue swimsuit bulges, and the bodies of not only Mark Harman but John Schneider, Gregory Harrison, Andrew Stevens, William R. Moses and many of my other favorite hunks from the shows heydays.

Usually when I mention the old Battle shows, I lament that today's TV stars would never pull up a speedo to participate in such a show. The ones who have steady jobs on television would not, but as I was flicking channels last night I did stop briefly on FOX and Antonio Sabato-Jr and a few other former celebrities on some high diving show, in yes speedos. I did not stay on it long, but good to see the old tradition is being kept alive as well. Just not sure there will ever be another stable of thoroughbreds like Harmon, the Duke and Hardy Boys and company who will be jumping into the pool for our television enjoyment!

With Marc Singer

With Michael J. Fox

With William Devane and Parker Stevenson

Favorite Pic (s) of the Day for January 14th

Kudos to Ben Affleck and Argo! Daniel Day-Lewis was great and Lincoln's dialogue beautifully written but, to me, Argo was a much more watchable movie. After his snub as best director at the Oscar nominations, his Golden Globe wins last night was a great artistic revenge.

Bounce Gag Reel

Reindeer Games

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Kudos to Jodie Foster

I love Jodie Foster, love her movies, love her acting, loved her Golden Globes Speech.

I was not surprised her speech generated some controversy, that is cool. I was a bit surprised it generated some anger and a wee bit of hate from some within the gay community. I love Foster's refusal to bend her principals. Privacy has always been important to her. Truly who are we to judge? What other actor, gay or not, has been working in the film and television industry for five decades, attended Yale, been stalked, a couple of times, one of the nuts attempted to a Presidential assassination to gain her attention. No one can know what that is like, and why privacy is such a passionate issue for her.

I know many feel that all gay people should come out loud and proud. The proud I get, the loud...not so much. I know many celebrities went through a lot of crap in their coming outs, maybe none more than Ellen Degeneres. Those celebrities who came out in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's deserve great respect.  I don't believe Jodie was talking negatively about those who went before her, I think what she was saying that everyone has the right to make their own choices in their own way. She was discussing acting on her rights.  Fighting for a right, then bashing someone for exercising it in her own way, makes little sense to me.

I always have mixed feelings when a celebrity is on the cover of People Magazine announcing anything, not just their sexuality.  I guess I feel the same way when someone is on that same cover discussing their drug use, having cancer or coming through some other trauma. I am not sure I like  someone being gay with horrible desease.

I love how Jodie, like other celebrities such as Matt Bomer and Matt Dallas, can today, just be gay, living their lives without having to make a public announcement.   Jane Lynch are Neil Patrick Harris are great, but not any greater because they are gay. I fight publicly for gay rights not to make being gay special, I fight to make being gay boring, unimportant and irrelevant. Of course it is none of those things to me, it is so much about who i am. It should  however, be all of those things to the people I run into each day on the street. I think, that is just what Jodie wants, to be seen as more, and maybe even less because of it. Jodie is a smart woman, I think she knew what she was doing. There is no right or wrong way to come out, even some want to make you think so.