Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Favorite pic of the Day for October 11th

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Happy Birthday today October 11th

Happy 37th to actor Trevor Donovan!

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Cracking the Trunk

I know we've seen the entire bare booty a few times in movies and on television, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate a hint of Ashton's ass. I think this is the third time Kutcher's caboose has shown up in my Celebrity butt crack series, and I hope it's not the last. Despite the belt, Kutcher again unveiled more than just a hint of crack last week while retrieving something from the trunk of his car. Let's hope no one clues him in how to add additional holes to his belt.

Instagrams that Inspire: Francisco San Martin

Some of you may recognize model and actor Francisco San Martin from short stint as Dario on Days of our Lives, his recent role as Fabian on Jane the Virgin, or from a few previous pieces I did on the actor. Francisco is again about to join the world of daytime with a new role on The Bold and the Beautiful. He also has a great Instagram with som stunning shots from some amazing photographers!

Francisco by Bromoish

Next 4 images from Celestino Photography

Last two shots by J.André Photo

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ! Damien Mathew by NICKET

First Shoot:

'A genuine outdoors man means getting out and maybe getting dirty is no problem for Anthony. Along with this is an audacious and uninhibited nature that means he is up for any challenge.'

Given that some of my favorite shoots and images from Nicholas, (NICKET) have involved his shooting models along the beaches, hills, mountains and fields around Santa Cruz, his work with model Damien Mathew was a perfect fit! What I love so much about Nicholas' work isn't just that he shoots models surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors. Nicholas doesn't pose models as much a following them around capturing how they naturally interact with their surroundings.

Second Shoot:

'My favorite types of shoots are anything athletic or first responder related. When I'm able to wear my jiu jitsu gi or throw on my boxing gloves it makes me feel right at home while I'm in the shoot. It feels pretty natural.'

Third Shoot:

21 year old Damien first connected with Nicholas on Model Mayhem, and the images in this series are the result of five different shoots. You can see the changes and feel the connection between model and photographer deepen with each shooting experience. Damien's favorites were the lake and barn locations. For Damien, the lake felt like such a natural location for him to shoot in and working in the barn allowed him to return to his country roots.

ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ: These two little words live on today as the most notable quote in military history. And so began the classic example of courage and valor in its dismissal of overwhelming superiority of numbers, wherein the heart and spirit of brave men overcame insuperable odds. 'Come and get them!'

Although some of the images have an Autumn or Summer feel, maybe due to the locations and clothing choices, Damien and Nicholas worked together last winter with the first shooting being the day after Christmas. There were so many great shots it was difficult to choose my favorites, but I especially liked the images of Damien doing flips on the beach and as well, the series from the barn. Damien looks right at home and I loved how they utilized the location. I love the shot of Damien in the window, but my favorite is the first image from the third shot with Damien bending down with his hands on his head.

Fourth Shoot:

'Working with Anthony is a great pleasure with his commitment, dedication and professionalism; especially for a local model starting out. Fitness is obviously a big part of his life between MMA, jiu jitsu, and the army.'

Fifth Shoot:

'I'm pretty athletic so if you want me to do a back flip on the beach or hold a one handed handstand no problem. I feel as if it takes a comfortable model and a great photographer to get the perfect shot together. Most great shots come from a model when they feel natural and comfortable.'