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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 17th

Above: Out of the Forest 
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Hello Elfman!

I have been so busy that it was just last night that I caught up on my 6 DVR'd episodes of The Good Wife. I managed to stay away from spoilers, including the casting of a favorite actor of mine. The show is known for it's excellence in casting some of Broadway's best and as soon as I saw the new character of Elfman I knew they did it again. I recognized actor Steven Pasquale's face right away. I have been hoping that Alicia might be paired up with Matthew Goode's Finn Polmar, but I can handle Steven making that difficult for awhile. Check out my previous post on Steven HERE:

A Vintage Vantage

When I first began FH, one of my goals was to feature talented and beautiful men not just from today, but from the past. Problem was, I was like a lot of people who thought the past only included the years I was alive. I had a desire to showcase actors and models who impacted me as I was growing up and had an influence on who I have become. Most of the men I featured were big when I was growing up, especially as I entered my teen years in the 80's. I had a wall up though to anything older than I was, movies, television shows and men. That really hit home to me after Elizabeth Taylor died. As much as I felt I knew who she was, it had me realizing I had never actually seen any of her movies. I have since rectified that wall, diving head first, especially into old movies thanks to many suggestions of others and adding TCM to my cable package. Last year, I began labelling some some of blog posts A vintage Vantage. I have yet to go back and label everything that fits, but for me it includes anything that happened prior to my entering the world in the 70's.

I have both hot and cold feelinsg when spending time with 'vintage' images of the male form. Sometimes they make me sad, even bored depending on the image and artist. Other times, I am turned on, and addictively fascinated by what I find. Yesterday was one of those days. I after my profile of Nizar M and the vintage themes from Wim de Roo, I went on the hunt for similar imagery. Sometimes an image, like the image directly above lingers in my mind. I was intrigued about the model, when it was shot and the circumstances around it. The hair and jeans make me think 60's or 70's but I can't be sure. Was he posing for magazine, or was it for a portfolio. There is still a bit of a stigma with posing nude today, so I am always curious as to the motivation of someone who did so decades ago.

The model has one of those faces, you all know what I mean. Cute, but intense, even a little bit pointy. We all knew a few guys in high school with similar features. His expression doesn't necessarily scream he wants to be there dropping his pants for the camera, but maybe that is the look the photographer was going for. That face stuck with me for awhile yesterday, and all research came up empty. I am guessing it was from a pictorial in a 70's magazine, but if anyone has any other info, please let me know.


Rich Majewski

'He who does not master the nude cannot understand the principles of architecture.'

Mike Pohl

There is one advantage to not having paid much attention to thing which occurred prior to there being a me... There is so much to explore and uncover. Working on FH has opened my eyes to art I may not have ventured towards if not for the blog. Maybe even more pressing is my desire to have the artists I feature today, remembered for their skill and talent in the future. It is hard to even imagine what photography focused on the male form will look like in 30, 40 or 50 years, but I hope that decades from now, some future site owner (if there are still sites) might look back at FH when researching the art form from theh 2000's and 2010's, sharing some of the work from the models and artists who have been featured.

Darryl Powers

Although the male form within photography has been around for decades, it was not until the 60's that many photographers of the art form took on the legal system fighting battles which enabled those of us who came after to enjoy the fruits of their labour. It wasn't until 1962 when the US Supreme Court stated that depictions of the male nude body within photography was not 'necessarily' offensive. This change, although vague marked the beginnings of change with how male nudes were seen from a legal perspective.

Things certainly didn't change right away, photographers, models and publishers still had to be careful how they shared their work but the doors was slightly open, paving the way for the floodgates to spread wide open entirely by the time the internet made it's way into all of our homes and bedrooms. I am just beginning my education of some of the early pioneers of the art form, but was recently drawn to the work of Walter Kundzicz and the work and images he created under Champion Studio.

Bud Savage

Kundzicz' Champion Studio may be old news to most of you, but indulge me, I have just begun to dive into it's vast archive of images. Like many early chroniclers of the male form, the Walter's first models were his friends. Guys who trusted him enough to take naked photos of, never thinking they were the beginnings of a career. Kundzicz had his share of issues with the law when he began to publish, especially in the 60's. Through all of that though, he appears to have managed to stay mostly clear of serious trouble with the law.

Tuck Powerll

I plan on featuring more of Walter's work in the future, but if you're craving to see more, Goliath Books published a tribute edited by Reed Massengill entitled what else, Champion. has none for sale stating none available, but there appear to be several used on if anyone wants to check it out HERE:

Bo Branden

Joe Canoli

Monte Hansen

Ernie Viscardi

Doug Jackson

Suntown Photography: FurSkin

'I think is it a real shame that guys who are naturally hairy, or have hairy legs, feel they have to cover up so as not to get disparaging remarks such as being told they look like a Gorilla or Wooky. I would rather see body hair to tattoos or body piercing any day.'

Above: Jack

It is always refreshing immersing myself into the work of Suntown Photography. The UK based photographer always seems to find some of the hottest, and fantastically furried men to shoot. Early this Autumn, I headed into the Woodlands for a fun 'story' piece featuring some of my favorite shots outside on location in fields and forests. (Within The Woodlands)

It is a little chillier now, another good reason to keep one's natural body hair where nature intended it to be! I wanted to share some of my favorite images I could not fit in the first piece, but with the cooler weather, also wanted to head inside with some additional images from Suntown.

Many of the models shown here are also featured in Suntown's new book Young Otters 2. The original Young Otters was one of the artists most successful ventures with his images hitting a chord with many lovers of the male form in it's natural state. Young Otters 2 celebrates the hairy chests, hairy legs and hairy everywhere else... that so many of us love! You can preview a portion of the book and feel your own way through the fur HERE:

Be sure to also check out Suntown's collection of Calendars featuring some of my favorite of Suntown's models, some with their own calendar's and many in Suntown's 2015 collection of some of his best shots!

Suntown on FH: