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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 6th

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Room With A View:

Curl Crush: Jay W by The Male Form By CP

'Curly hair is more than just hair. It’s an attitude.'

If you're a fan of the work of The Male Form By CP, you already know Jay W.  CP's work with Jay has been on the site since almost the beginning, and his exposure from his work with CP has led to an immense following of lovers and followers of images of the male form.

Jay has clearly has a tight, lean, smokin' hot body, a handsome face, and a great pair of lip.  For me however, and I'm sure many others, it those curls and the shaggy long hair that pushes his level of sexy to the next level.  I've been checking out CP's work with Jay for a couple of years now, and when they first began shooting together, Jay's hair was much shorter.

This look and length is definitely my favorite and especially love the shot CP captured of Jay's eyes framed by his sexy bangs.  I've always had a thing for guys with shaggy hair and although it's a bit of a stereotype, I've always found that guys with longer hair tend be more uninhibited in other areas as well.  There's lots more of Jay on CP's site, check out the link below. 

Doctor's Disrobed:

I know People Magazine dubbed him the sexiest man alive, but I was never a huge fan of George Clooney on ER.  He was cute, and I like the actor, but his character Doug Ross was one of the most self-centered and stubborn characters on the show.  He continually put his job, his friends and his reputation at risk by breaking the rules.  

Maybe it was my dislike for the character, but I never went crazy over Clooney as a sex symbol.  Maybe he's one of those men who appeal more to women than men, not sure.  My favorite male characters on the show were Carter, (Noah Wyle) and Mark, (Anthony Edwards).  The hottest for me however, was definitely Dr. Benton played by Eriq La Salle. 

I would have loved to have seen more of the 'popsicle pledges.' (below).  Four naked college Beta pledges who were dropped off by the EMT's after a Frat prank went wrong.  They needed to be examined carefully as there was frost bite on all four, on all extremities.   Sadly we only saw them for a few brief seconds...


Actor Erik Palladino played Dr. Malucci on three seasons of ER between 1999 and 2001.  I'm not sure I remember much about his storylines, but I do remember Palladino was incredibly hot.  Although the scene below didn't actually end up on the air, the actor actor mooned Laura Innes, (Weaver) in the outtake below.  I first spotted this on the show's blooper real and was impressed with the actors beautifully shaped bubble butt.


During ER's first season, actor Rick Rossovich played John "Tag" Taglieri, a doctor who was engaged to Carol Hathaway.   The wedding didn't last, but we did get a very dark flash or Rossovich's rump in episode 14.  If you want to seem more of Rossovich, check out my Actors & Skin feature on the actor HERE:


Noah Wyle was the only main credit actor to get a butt flash in this season from the shows third season.  Carter needs a shot and friend Dennis Gant, (Omar Epps) helps him out just as Dr. Benton walks in.

Artists Who Inspire:

When FH began, I first listed all the contributors on the side of the site. At the time, I never imagined I would still be working on the FH fifteen years later and collaborated on pieces with hundreds of my favorite artists and photographers. Every year I update my list, adding those artists who contributed for the first time in the previous year. 

This year, I've had trouble updating the list.  I've uploaded this post a few times, and Google blogger has deleted it twice.  The reason, inappropriate link.  Unfortunately, I can't figure out which of the many links included was the one in question.

Below is an update featuring the many artists and photographers who have so generously supported FH over the last year and half.  Instead of trying to upload the entire list, I just included photographers who either made their FH debut, or in some cases, returned with a new or different credit.  Michael von Redlich for example, first appeared on the site back in 2011, but back then, was credited as MvR Photo.  You can check out the main list in my last update from 2022 HERE:

This year, the images featured spotlight photographer Robert John Guttke and his work with Ben.  Ben worked with Robert early in his career and as many of you may remember, Robert's images of Ben were all over the net in the early 2010's. 

Robert shared many stories of his time shooting Ben, and enjoyed their time working together. Robert did express some concern with some of the choices Ben made later in his career, but was happy with their early work together and how popular the images were. 

At one time, Robert asked me to put together and edit a book spotlighting their work, but he eventually changed his mind as he really didn't want to create an e-book, and wasn't convinced a hard copy would sell. The images would have been great, but the stories... spectacular.  It is fascinating  to see these early shots of Ben.  There's a sweet innocence looking back at the beginning of his modeling journey.

FH Contributors: