Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday today October 22nd to:

Actor Robert Torti turns 44 today.
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Distinctive: Dan by Jon Whitney

'Cause a face without freckles is like a sky without stars'
Natasha Bedingfield

Distinctive: Characteristic of one person or thing, and so serving to distinguish it from others. Having a special quality, style, attractiveness

There is no better word to describe the work of Jon Whitney than distinctive. Over the past couple of years I have featured Jon's work whenever I get the chance. I think it is because I have an affinity and connection to what Jon sees through both his camera and his life lens. Jon describes himself as moody, complex and artistic all words which embody many of my favorite images.

Like Jon, I prefer cool over hot, dark over light, used over new. When choosing a place to be, a film to watch, a style to photograph, classic, even old usually wins out. When choosing how to photograph, frame and shoot a model Jon's aim is create something beautiful, sexy, classic and most of all distinctive.

"Dan always nails the perfect shot"
Jon Whitney

Distinctive also describes 23 year old Dan Metz from Colby Models. Colby, which opened it's doors in NYC last year is headed by CEO and former model Ryan Colby. Although Dan has an impressive portfolio and images shot by some of the best photographers in the business, some of my favorite shots are Jon's. While most who worked with Dan chose to photograph him looking, more 'generic' maybe even more hirable, by covering distinctive features like his beautiful freckles, Jon chose to spotlight them, creating a series of body shots and incredible portraits. I remember when Jon first posted some of these images they were met with a variety of reactions from hot to cold. I was certainly in the hot category. I think it is a testament to Jon's style that although Dan has many spectacular images in his portfolio that Jon's work garnered such a reaction.

Jon Whitney on Model Mayhem
Colby Models
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Favorite Scene Of The Day: Blair Underwood in Sex And The City

I have loved Blair Underwood since I was kid and breezed onto LA Law giving the downtrodden Abby a reason to smile. No matter how many parts Blair has played he seems stuck with the reputation of a good guy, seems to happen with almost any actor who plays The President.

Back in August when I wasn't posting on a daily basis I missed the actors Birthday. I had meant to use these caps and stuck them away until I discovered the folder last night. I was not a regular watcher of Sex And The City, still have not seen it all but I do love actor David Eigenberg (Steve) and tried to catch as many of his scenes and storyline with Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) as I could. In the shows last two seasons, Blair showed up as Dr. Roberts Lees to provide a brief, but memorable wrench in the love life of Miranda and Steve. This scene, with Steve coming home to find them together includes one of my favorite scenes from the show (Steve being helped by the man he just found in bed with Miranda) as well as one of Blair's few nude scenes.

A Look Back: Eike von Stuckenbrok

Originally Presented October 17th, 2009
I was rewatching some of Eike's vides again the other day and became tranfixed all over again!

Ever since I first saw German gymnast Eike von Stuckenbrok I have been transfixed. I hope he does the same thing to you. Be sure to watch the bathtub video below, it is truly beautiful!

Next three shots by Robert Pater.

Below: Next 6 Amazing shots by Bertil Nilsson

Below: Eike by lutskephotography.

Below: Eike by Marc Theis.

Man of the Month 1983: Kory Wolf

Kory Wolf
Man of the Month
November, 1083
Photography: Don Saban