Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for December 24th

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Seasonal Sightings

 Hurry down the chimney tonight!

12 Days: Johnny Galecki in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

'I dedicate this house to the Griswold Family Christmas.'
Clark Griswold

So, I should have really featured this movie years ago, but I just half-watched it for the first time last week.  Sure, I'd seen scenes before, Clark plugging in the lights, and caught a few seconds when I flipped channels, but I was never really that interested in watching.  I'm not really a Chevy Chase fan, and hadn't watched any of the Vacation films this viewing of 1989's Christmas Vacation.

It wasn't Chevy that drew me in, or the fact that it seems (for some odd reason) to be a popular Christmas film.  I watched, as I only just discovered that actor Johnny Galecki played the son Rusty in the film.  Having not watched any movies from the series, I sort of just assumed the son was always played by Anthony Michael Hall, who I knew was in the original.  A little Google search let me know that Hall passed on the sequel, instead, choosing to film Weird Science

Now I wasn't a big fan of  The Big Bang Theory.  I liked Galecki, and the women on the show, but I wasn't a huge fan of Jim Parson who became the focus of the sit-com.  I found his character annoying, more so as the series went on.  That being said, The Big Bang Theory, at least where I live, seems to be on some channel almost 24/7, so it's often on as background as  I do other things.

I did however really like Galecki on Roseanne, and it was the arrival of Galecki's David and his brother Mark (Glenn Quinn) that had me start to watch the sit-com when I was a teenager.  Although I was more a 'Becky' fan than a 'Darlene' fan, I did enjoy David and Darlene as couple and really any scenes and stories that didn't involve Roseanne.

Little Dog Laughed

Most Johnny Galecki fans know that although he hasn't done any on-screen nudity, he did take it all off in the 2006 play Little Dog Laughed.  In the play, Johnny played Alex, a gay for pay hustler who get's involved with actor Mitchell.  Mitchell's agent Diane becomes concerned about the relationship, and how Michell's 'slight recurring case of homosexuality' might impact his career. 

Johnny Galecki (Alex) and actress Julie White (Diane) began the play Off-Broadway in January of 2006 with Neal Huff playing Mitchell.  When the play opened on Broadway later that year, actor Tom Everett Scott took over the role of Mitchell.  Everett Scott was also replaced by his understudy Brian Henderson at the end of the run.

Galecki and Huff

Galecki and Everett Scott

Galecki and Henderson

Viewers of the play know there is a nude scene between Alex and Mitchell that is interrupted by Diane. Although I thought I'd seen a video featuring Tom Everett Scott playing Mitchell, the video which circulated on the net a few years ago featured Neal Huff as Mitchell from the Off-Broadway production. 

A Plethora of Père Noël's

Mattidude by PhotoRSH

This time of year, many photographers stick Santa hats on models to get some festive shots for the holidays.  Most of these models are hot young studs that bear little resemblance (see below) to the real St Nick. That's ok though, Santa Clause is a fantasy, and when it comes to picturing the one coming down our chimney, we're free to picture whomever we like.

When it came to choosing some favorite Santa;s this year, I stuck to models and photographers that I've featured previously on the site. If not, there would have been thousands to choose from.  I wasn't looking for Santa baby's, but men who could really fill out the suit.  I was looking for someone who could suck more than just candy canes and someone who of course, would come more than just one night a year.

George by Lights On Studio

It's not really about age, nor about body type, it's more about experience.  Like the twinkle in Santa's eye, you know when looking these men in their fur hats, they know what they're doing.  Anyone can put on a Santa hat, but most are just receivers.  These Santas are especially skilled at the giving, although can take on either role if its on your list. 

Rob by Male Beauty by bengie

Daddy Christmas by Anthony Timiraos 



The Naughty List:

'He see's you when you're sleeping...
He know when you're awake,
He knows if you've been bad or good,
So be good, for goodness sake!'

Clearly these three young hotties had their struggles with making good choices.  But come on, a year is a long time, 365 days of temptation and decisions which could lead to your being on wrong side of Santa's paddle.  I'm guessing though, they made some informed choices because after all, being naughty isn't without it's own rewards.  Sure, maybe you don't get the candy and new toys, but you do get some special attention from the man with the big bag.

If you scroll down however, you'll see this naughty hottie trio don't just bend over and take their punishment without a fight.  In fact, they earned their position on that list but trying to over take the big man, manhandle his bag and take their Christmas back.

They still don't appear to have ended up with anything in their stockings, but they do seem satisfied with being resistors.  I wish I could provide you with more info on this vintage series, but there wasn't any information on the images on the site where I found them.  I can maybe guess the studio, and maybe even the approximate year.  They guys certainly didn't miss out on getting Assassin's Creed Valhalla or a Hasbro LEGO Baby Yoga.  They may have gotten LEGO, but it would have just been the squares and rectangles.   

'You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why...'