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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 30th

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Happy Birthday today April 30th

Happy 42nd to actor Sam Heughan!

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Thespian Torsos

Henry Cavill

Bruce Bellas: FaVorites

Bruce of Los Angeles

Bruce Bellas continued to travel around the country, finding new models to photograph.  He also personally often delivered those nude photographs to customers, especially with the risk that they could be be seized by postal inspectors if sent through the mail. n 1956, now with a solid reputation, and a huge portfolio of images, Ballas decided that instead of depending on others to publish his images, he launched his own magazine, The Male Figure. 

An icon of gay art and one of the most famous names in physique photography, Bruce Bellas is remembered today as a pioneer of beefcake.  Bellas photographed some of the most important figures in the world of physical culture; bodybuilders Steve Reeves, Bob McCune, and George Eiferman, and models Joe Dallesandro, Mark Nixon, and Brian Idol are just a few of the countless strapping males captured by Bellas' lens.

The man who came to be known as Bruce of Los Angeles crafted a refined, masterful aesthetic of erotica, whose influence would later surface in the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, Herb Ritts, Bruce Weber, and many others. 

Traveling even til the end,  Bellas died while on vacation in Canada in 1974. Bellas was in a long-term relationship with favorite model Scotty Cunningham, (below) to whom he left his estate.


Bruce of Los Angeles was shooting pictures of handsome young men clothed and unclothed but for many years, those prints were never exhibited. They were only exchanged under the table quietly and literally kept in the closets of their owners. It was an exciting time in Hollywood and there were gay people in the industry but it was still a time to be discreet and careful

Window Dressing: Jordan by Studio1x

'The shoot was only  about an hour, but we made the most our time together. As you can see in that hour we captured so many great looks.'

Although the room was small, both Jim and Jordan made the most of the space, and the short time they had together.  We all know that one of the best ways to make a space seem larger is to utilize the windows and the room's natural light.  FH readers know I love window shots, and the views in these images, was spectacular, both inside and out,

'The best part of working with Jordan is he is not afraid to be seen naked so doing the window shots was very easy.  It was also exciting knowing that someone across the street, or in the next building, might be enjoying the show that he was putting on..'

My favorite part of the shoot are the shots with the city landscape in the background as I’m looking out the window. Love that city look with a creeper in the window 🤣 

You can also see video of Jordan's shower on his OnlyFans page HERE:.  Jordan's OF page is free to join, with some exclusive content is available to purchase