Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 1st

Tyler by Gordon Nebeker

This shot, taken at the Fremont River in Capitol Reef National Park Utah, was capatured on 9/16/10 for Gordon's book "Men To Match My Mountains". A perfect image to begin the end, of summer.

Happy Birthday today September 1st

Canadian fitness and Playgirl model Yvan Cournoyer turns 35 today

I have not posted birthday's on September 1st since 2008 as I have always been away on September 1st so today's birthday are from then, so please add on 4 years. Also celebrating today are; Jeffrey Buttle, Thiago Rodrigues, Sean Stewart, Jason Taylor, Ricardo Chavira, Craig McLachlan, George Maharis & Don Stroud.

Summer Lovin...

September 1st... wow! 'The summer flew by' is an overused sentiment this time of year. As boring as the statement is, it is also freakishly real. The older I get, the more summers are beginning to take on new meaning, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, summers are becoming a time I seem to be reflecting more on my past, and the summers of my youth. Although I don't consider myself even close to old, I have been working full since the minute I graduated University and time to actually stop and enjoy a summer has not really been something I have really been able to do. Until this summer that is.\

In the past I have usually saved most of my vacation to take throughout the Autumn months. A week in September, a couple in October and one or two in December was usually my pattern. Although I never really spoke of it aloud, the reasons were not a secret, not to me anyway. I don't want to come across as overly dramatic, my life is pretty good overall. But... my deepest pains, the hurts that have stuck, have all stemmed from events which played out during the summer. September 1st was always a date I looked forward to, one I even counted down to on the calendar. It meant summer was, unofficially at least, over. This year, it changed. Don't ask me why, don't ask me how, I am still searching myself for the answer. September 1st this year, for the first time since I was a kid, is a day I am sad to see arrive. Although it included the loss of a very loved dog, I bounced back and still had a great summer. Nothing spectucular really, a few trips, time with family, a few houseguests, a few new friends made. Many days at the beach, many late night beach walks, a few nights with my head on the grass, my eyes on the stars. Although I am usually someone who annoyingly likes to scratch beyond the surface, in this case, I think the top layer is best left untouched. So... in honor of the end of summer, here are 10, in no particular order, favorite FH features which celebrate the lazy hazy days of summer. -End Of Summer: BJM by Mark Leighton -The Simplicity of Summer: Greg Sage Photography - -Winter Sunset: Pete by Paul Smollen

Eric Stoltz in Haunted Summer

Eric Stoltz, Haunted Summer (1988)

To be completely honest, I have not fully watched Haunted Summer. I remember when I got the net, some of the first caps I saw were of Eric Stoltz as Percy Shelley, naked walking through the river. I am big fan of Eric's and have seen most of his work, but never saw this movie.

I finally ordered a copy from Amazon recently and was disappointed it appears to be simply a copy from a bad VHS version and not cleaned up for a DVD release. Still, Eric in the river was worth making my own caps of. I will get around to watching soon, but as Eric's skinny dip was about eight minutes in, that's all of tale of authors Byron, Shelley and Percy Shelley that I have read thus far.

Boys Of Summer

A few of my favorite 'Summer' themed movie caps.

Peter Gallagher in Summer Lovers (1982)

Although I know actors have to pay the bills, Peter Gallagher came close to losing his street cred by appearing on The OC. Thankfully his early movie success, including 1982's Summer Lovers, evened it all out.

Barry Tubb in Warm Summer Rain (1989)

I remember being about 10 or 11 watching Top Gun thinking Tom Cruise was hot, but crushing hard over the cute blonde Barry Tubb. How great a surprise four years later to have Barry in an extended nude scene in Warm Summer Rain.

Ken Olandt in Summer School (1987)

Yes, there was a bit of chemistry between Kirstie Alley and Mark Harmon in 1987's Summer School, but it was Ken Olandt's strip scene which had me rewinding and pausing.

A few Seconds of Ken in Summer School.
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