Friday, November 4, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 5th

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Center Divide:

Out of Styles...

'The arrival of Patrick into Marion and Tom's home triggers the exploration of seismic events from 40 years previously.'

Musician Harry Styles has had interesting year with mixed bag of big projects and lackluster reviews.  I've gone back and forth myself on my thoughts on the would be actor.  Some times, I view his magazine covers, layouts and interviews and love how he's pushing the boundaries of traditional definitions of masculinity and gender.  

Then, at other times, I feel he's playing the lgbtq community, 'acting' more gender fluid that he really is for publicity and motives more aligned with commerce than reality.  For now, I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, I've been crushing over Harry for years, loving his music, his style and his presentation of self. 

I haven't see My Policeman yet, but hope to watch tonight or tomorrow.  Although Styles hasn't gotten many positive reviews for his acting, the film has an incredible supporting cast that I'm hoping will balance things out.  Although Harry's shown his heinie in a few cheeky photos, (HERE:) I think this is the first time we've seen his butt on screen.

Election Uncoverage:

Election Coverage:
Playgirl, November 1984
Photography by Laura Bergman
Ed Matthews

Sensitive, intuitive Ed Matthews, 28, from Des Moines, Iowa is currently working towards a master's degree in counselling, but his real passion lies on Wall Street.  Every morning, Matthews checks the stock market reports and confers with his broker and then heads to the squash courts for a heated workout.

John Adler

John Adler believes in human rights.  At 28, he's headed on the right path with plans to get his masters in communication with a dream to pick up where Walter Cronkite left off. 

We at Playgirl admit it, we harbored a humbug attitude towards our political opposites throughout the election year.  That is, until we stripped the partisan wrappings from a few of them and got the straight ticket.

Kevin Patrick

The fact that Kevin Patrick, 25, of Redonda Beach California, is a male exotic dancer proves that even Republicans hoof in the near-buff for the benefit of hordes of excitable females.  This native Southern Californian comes from a family he describes as 'unusually close' and has even used his dancing skills to perform in fund-raising benefits for politicians he supports.

Brian Dandrige

22 year old Brian Dandridge of San Diego nurtures dreams of someday becoming a renowned architect, but isn't wasting time mulling over fantasy office  buildings or classy homesteads of his own design.  Instead, draftsman Brian is competing his schooling at USC.  In his spare time he reads, draws and parties.

Gene Conroy, 25, (below L) is an actor who wouldn't mind following in Reagan's footsteps.  Between assignments, you're apt to find Gene reading, jogging or going for long horseback rides. 

Gene Conroy (l) Mark Bennis (r)

Mark Bennis, (above R) is the kind of well-rounded man we especially admire.  Not only does the engineer play volleyball, softball and racquetball, he also sails, water skis, snow skis and races motorcycles.  Mark is on the lookout for an intimate companion who likes Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and likes eating lighting at dinnertime.  

Thomas Dunlap is at the tender age of 26 and already realizing a solid Republican dream of business success with plenty to show for it.  A marketing director in Beverly Hills, Thomas wrestles with endless meetings, crazy phone calls and the stress that comes with being on top.

Thomas Dunlap

Bringing His Best: Marvin by Bob Burkhardt

 'Marvin brings his best to every shoot.'

As for Marvin's many different looks, it makes sense given he is also an artist.  As a tattoo artist in Atlanta, Marvin is experienced with creating change through art and design.  For many, getting inked is an incredibly personal event, one where the change is often emotionally based and unlike hairstyle and hair length, for most, is also distinctly permanent. 

How did you first connect with Marvin? 
Marvin worked in a salon in my neighborhood. I knew when I first saw him that I wanted to photograph him 

What did you first notice about his look? 
He has beautiful eyes. I was immediately drawn to him. 

How did discussions about the shoot go?
We met 10 years ago so I'm not sure how the discussion went. He knew my work and was as anxious to work with me as I with him. As I remember, he was open to nudes, very comfortable in his own skin

Were all the clothes brought by Marvin's? 
In this shoot, we both brought clothes to the shoot. 

What was Marvin's modeling experience? 
Other than working with me, I'm not sure but we have shot at least four times. 

How was Marvin to work with?
Marvin is always a pleasure to work with. Marvin brings his best to every shoot. 

How comfortable was he with the nudity? 
Very comfortable 

What were your favorite things about working with Marvin? 
I'd say his kindness and compassion. He is always good to be around.