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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 15th

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Happy Birthday today June 15th

Happy 40th to Greg Vaughan! See more of Greg HERE:

Under Where?

Although Andrew Christian, and Quinn Christopher Jaxon (above) have taken underwear advertising to an all new level, ever wonder who it all started....

'Just as underclothes are shielded from public view, the evolution of men’s most intimate apparel is shrouded in secrecy. But the story of men’s underwear is about more than which came first, boxers or briefs.'

Proficiency: James by Matthew Finley

'I love the act of creation. From an inspiration, through figuring out how to make it work, to the final product and all the spontaneity along the way.'

When I was in University, before I chose the safe route and declared psychology as my major, I also studied theatre. I remember at the end of every production, play or musical, what I missed was not the performing but the rehearsal process. Creating a character, collaborating with others and piecing together each moment of performance was what fed me creatively.

One might assume that the more time and passion one puts into the act of creation, the more success and depth the final product might possess. Sadly, this isn't always the case. Sometimes no matter how much time is put forth, the final product just doesn't quite come together. That is why loving the process as much as the finished product, is truly so important.

Then of course, there are cases when someone just instinctively has what it takes. A natural knack and skill for something that even without a lot of previous experience, is able to produce something incredible from the very beginning. When I first saw these images of James, from Los Angeles photographer Matthew Finley, I made the assumption, that they were taken by a photographer who had been taking professional shots of models for years. The assumption was justified due to how great, as well as professional, the photos of James are. The images are complete, and by complete, I mean beautifully finished. A complete set of images for a models book.  Stunning head shots and portrait images, body and fitness, underwear and variety of looks, mood and emotions. Matthew beautifully captures all of James considerable attributes, including his incredible physique, eyes and facial features.

As is clearly evident from these images, Matthew Finley's proficiency for shooting the human form is considerable. I was surprised when Matthew said that although he had done a few models shoots before, James was the first professional/experienced model that he had shot. Matthew met James through a friend, and the discussed doing a shot to benefit both of their books. This shoot, which occurred a few years ago, remains one of Matthew's favorites.

'We shot at my home, so I knew what time of day the light would be best in the different locations I had planned out. It was amazing to me how much easier , James being a professional, experience model, made the shoot. His confidence in his own skin, ability to move on his own, and take direction well, all just made the shoot so fun, easy, and quick. We had a lot of fun. I was truly spoiled by that shoot. I wish they were all that easy!'

World War B

I was about 10 or 11 the first time I saw Brad Pitt. At the time, he was being wasted romancing Charlie Wade (below) on the waning seasons of the prime time soap Dallas in the late 80's. I don't remember much of Brad on the show as much as from images of him in Tiger Beat and other teen magazines at the time. With those lips, that blonde hair and body, Brad made an instant impression.

About 25 years later, Pitt has that ability to send n instant quiver up my spine with his appearance on screen. Last week while at the new Star Trek flick, World War Z was previewed, and seeing Brad on the screen had me wanting to go and re-watch some of my favorite flicks of Brad on screen. 

World War Z (2013)
The only film I actually own of Pitt's on DVD is one of my favorites, 12 Monkey's which is set for reviewing soon. Until then, I thought doing a virtual history of some of Brad's best moments on film might be something others might enjoy.

Johnny Suede (1991)

Thelma & Louise (1991)

Legends Of The Fall (1994)

12 Monkey's (1995)

Below: Promotional shoot with Steven Klein for Fight Club (19990

I know most people love those 'other' paparazzi pics, but I love the images (above) of Brad on his hotel balcony, attempting to get an all over tan for his role in Troy.

Troy (2004)