Monday, February 24, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 25th

Richy by Trey Fox
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The Bottom Line:

Mardi Gras Memories

Unlike Vegas, what happens at Mardi Gras, rarely stays there. Last year, FH celebrated the day with a salute (HERE:) to New Orleans and Fat Tuesday.

Joe by Studio1x

Love the shot below of JayCarl, (whose stockings we watched get filled this past Christmas) from his reign as Mr. Mardi Gras back in 1982.

'22 yrs old and having the time of my life!'

Romanceability: Richy by Trey Fox

'I mean just look at those eyes!'
Trey Fox

Valentine's may be in the rear view mirror, but passion, lust, love and desire are emotions not restricted to  just one day a year.  When your laminated with a sheen of sensuality, feelings of fervor can rise and erupt at any time, especially if you were lucky enough to be close enough to gaze into Richy's potently persuasive bedroom eyes.

It was Richy's bedroom eyes, and his killer body, that had Trey Fox choose Richy for the the shoot.  The project began as a Valentine related ad campaign, and the Houston based photographer shares that Richy was selected for what Trey described as his 'romanceability.'  It's a fine line really. most ad campaigns choose models based for their ability to sexually stimulate the viewer, and buyer.  For  Valentines however, you want a model who can not only sexually stimulate, but also trigger emotions that go beyond. 

'Who wouldn't love waking up next to him on Valentine's Day!!! '

Although most of the shoot took place with Richy in the shower, Trey describes his work with Richy as down and dirty.  It was a quick shoot, with Trey getting in and out, capturing just the shots that were needed.  Trey says the location was perfect, but the shower was really killer, sleek and modern.  Trey also loves the way the water photographs streaming down muscles and skin.

Favorite Click of the Week

Twitter offers a variety of older shots of actors that have me looking at them in entirely different ways...