Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 7th

Image by Haruehun Airry
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Seasonal Sightings:

A triad of tush


The Pseudo Phallus

'Yeah, it's a pee-pee prosthetic'
Theo James

Like many of you, I fell in lust with actor Theo James back in 2010 during his one episode stint as Kemal Pamuk on Downton Abbey. You could instantly see there was something special about James and that he was destined for stardom.  You could also fully understand why Lady Mary was so hot and bothered and gave in to temptation. 

Given his quick rise to fame, Theo bypassed the requisite butt scenes most up-and-coming actors are required to do early in their career.  Given he slide easily into leading roles, I thought we might never get a nude scene.  Then, low and behold, Theo's beautiful butt seemed to be on display in many of his roles.

The Time Traveler's Wife 

We first saw the actors beefy buttocks in 2019's Sanditon, (HERE:) then buffets of butt during Theo's run in HBO's The Time Traveler's Wife.  This fall, Theo returned to HBO in season 2 of The White Lotus.  Now I have to admit, I haven't watched season 2 yet.  I've had a busy Autumn, and hope to binge over the holidays.  I couldn't miss however, all the fanfare over Theo's frontal in a recent episode. 

Then, as suspected, Theo admitted recently on Fallon, that the penis in question, was in fact, a prosthetic. I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed the penis was fake, or that Theo publicly shared it.  HBO is one of the best cable channels for male nudity, yet it's also the most likely to use fake, or computer generated genitals.  

When it comes to HBO, frontals of male extra's or unknown and new actors, you're likely to see actual skin.  When it comes to a name actor however, you can pretty much guarantee it's a bland illusion.  I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but if you're not going to show a real body part, don't even bother.  I'd rather have another great view of Theo's hot heinie than a fake frontal.  I mean really, it looks like it's jutting out of his belly button in the last photo...

The White Lotus

Haruehun Airry: Father Figures

'You can’t choose your father, but you can choose your daddy.'

There's something about winter that has many of us seeking something, or someone, more substantial.  During the spring and summer, when it's bright and hot outside, pleasure is primary.  When December and January roll around however, and the temperature dips, it's warmth, safety and security that many of us crave.

If you're one of the lucky ones, to have had a caring father, you know the security that can provide.  I had a great mother, and a strong mother, but when demons dominated my nightmares, and I ran into my parents room, it was my father's side of the bed that I ran to.  I was not allowed to actually get in the bed and disturb them, but there were many nights that  lay beside my father's side of the bed. Thinking back.... I probably picked the wrong side.  My dad was a great guy, but also non-confrontational.  Had there actually been a real monster chasing me, it would have been my mother most likely to have slayed beckoning beast.

Although it's not father's day, artist Haruehun Airry decided it was time to celebrate many fathers, and the hot father figures, that's he shot and worked with.  The models may be dream daddies for some, but they're all also real fathers, models who've inspired Haruehun with their father figures and their impressive fatherhood.

12 Days: Corey Sevier in Noel Next Door

'Noel Next Door follows a single mom as she gets into a war of words with a neighbor who is ruining Christmas, only to find that this misunderstood grouch just may steal her heart.'

I know, I featured actor Corey Sevier in my 12 Days series before, but I can never get enough of the Canadian hottie who just keeps getting hotter as time goes by.  I also really liked that Corey played against type in Noel Next Door.  Hallmark holiday films usually have handsome but bland leaning men, but Sevier's character Jeremy Geer wasn't really that nice, especially to little kids banging hockey pucks off the side of his condo.

North Shore

Sevier began modeling as a child when he was just six years old.  The following year he landed his first acting job in the ABC mini-series Family Pictures' costarring along side acting veterans Angelica Houston and Sam Neill. A few years later he got the title role in the 90's version of Lassie propelling him to fame.  I think I first noticed Sevier frolicking on the beach with Jason Momoa in the short-lived series North Shore (2004)

Sevier has it all, an expressive, handsome face and an incredible body he clearly works hard to keep in shape.  He has an impressively toned chest and stomach, and an impressive pelvic V that's incredibly hot!

Although Sevier has been shirtless countless times throughout his career, he's yet to bless us with a butt or nude scene.  Hopefully that's coming in the future.  It's not that there haven't been plenty of opportunities, especially with some of the teasing titles of the projects he has appeared in... With titles including; The Silence of Adultery, Student Seduction,  A Flesh Offering, The Secret Sauce and Decoy's: Alien Seduction, he's long overdue for a flash of flesh below the waist! 

North Shore video via xyzpdq (SOMS)

Sevier from Toronto Life Magazine

Decoys; Alien Seduction (2007)