Sunday, April 1, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 2nd

Above: Chris by Island Male Graphics
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Happy Birthday today April 2nd to:

Jeremy Bloom turns 30 today.

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Couch Surfing: Chris by JR Williams

I first profiled photographer JR Williams from Island Male Graphics last December. (John Creighton by JR Williams) JR creates memorable images with all of his models, but his work with Chris has generated some of my favorite images of JR's. There is a magic in the chemistry between artist and model which is evident not just in this series, but all of their work together.

Positively striking, Chris has an amazing body and face with transcendent brown eyes. The 20 year old model is Italian, French, Russian, German, Hawaiian, Samoan, Puerto Rican, Greek, and Japanese. Chris, from Kaneohe, Hawaii, is a student as well as dancer and model. Chris enjoys working out and competing in fitness competitions. Chris hopes to eventually combine his talents into working in music videos and film and definitely has the talent and the looks to succeed at both.

You can see more of JR's work with Chris at Island Male Graphics: and as well view prints of Chris and other models, available for purchase or download HERE:

Favorite Click of the Day: A Father's Reaction

If you have not read Dave: A Father's Reaction to His Very Young Gay Son on The Huffington Post, I encourage you all to head on over HERE: and give it a read.

The short piece is both inspiring and touching, yet somehow a little sad to me as Dave's reaction , though raw and natural, is often atypical for many. The piece however is so beautifully written that it packs a simple, yet powerful message.

Afternoon Snack

I am not sure even Marco Dapper can bring viewers to The Young & The Restless, but got to love em for trying. Except when home with the flu or when I can't find the remote Y&R is never on and has become one pretty bad hour of television. Sad with classic shows being given the boot, the number #1 daytime drama is the most poorly put together. Even my love for Beth Maitland can't bring me two watch her far to seldom appearances.

But... Curious to see what they do with Marco. One of the hottest and most appealing actors out there, it has been surprising he has not risen quicker in the industry. Sadly, the shows pattern is to waste great talent and put it's energy into promoting the bad and the lame. This show has made 'stars' out of actors most respectable shows would not touch so with an actor with so much potential only time will tell if they are smart enough to take advantage of it.

Marco's memorable turn in EO2