Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 30th

Above: Marco by Chris Teel.

Speaking of Chris Teel...

Just 4 days left to get your applications in for Model Search 2011! A photo session with Chris, other prizes and the face of FH for 2011!
Follow the link below and be careful about waiting til the last minute!!!
Official Model Search Site HERE:

Favorite Birthday Boys for today November 30th

Happy Birthday today November 30th to:

The great actor, Gael Garcia Bernal turns 32 today.

Actor Mandy Patinkin turns 58 today.

I am a bigger fan of Mandy the stage actor than Mandy the tv actor. I did however love him in 'Princess Bride' and his beautiful performance in 'Yentl' below:

Happy Birthday today November 30th to:

Also celebrating today November 30th

Cutie Dougie Poynter from the pop group McFly turns 23 today.

German swimmer Steffen Driesen turns 29 today.

Actor Fabrizio Filippo turns 37 today. (See previous post on Fabrizio).

Actor Justin Lazard turns 43 today. (See previous post on Justin).

Ben Stiller turns 45 today.

Billy Idol turns 55 today.