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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 5th

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Happy Birthday today September 5th

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Labour Day may have passed, but with this trio, it's not a risky business to continue wearing white!

The Great Wolanski by Studio 35

'I am basically a free spirit and there's nothing I wont do if the result in making cool pics!'

Although I began FH in the fall of 2007, it wasn't until the 2008 that I began to get serious about putting together profiles on the artists and models whose work I loved. In the past six years I have profiled hundreds of men in front of and behind the camera. Some models hit big with one shoot or even just one image that connected with viewers and they quickly found their likeness spread all over the blogosphere and sites devoted to the male form. For some, this is as far as it went. Others however, were able to use this instant flash of attention to do much more

Model Nick Wolanski was one of the models I profiled back in 2008 under the heading 'Favorite New Model Of The Day'. I think some of the first images I saw of Nick were from IFB photography and I was instantly stimulated visually with the incredible shots of Nick, hanging on the side of the rocks and buildings with the ocean and small islands in the background. Due to his strong look and desire to push himself creatively and without boundaries, I have each year since, covered Nick's work with some of the best photographers in Europe, and around the globe.

Nick's lasting appeal goes beyond his appearance and willingness to bare all, that in fact is just the beginning. Nick has made connections and worked with some of the world's best photographers not just from the UK, but the rest of Europe and America as well. He has gained not just experience, but a incredible reputation for professionalism, being reliable and giving 100% with every shoot. Nick uses his looks, and strength in front of the camera, along with his brain and business sense to support his another career. As a DJ, the Scottish powerhouse knows how to work the crowds, give them what they want, both the audible and the visual. Nick taps deep into himself to create a very personal sound that so many respond to.

Within his work as a model, Nick has been put in many locations and situations while shooting, but the best artists know to keep the focus on his face and incredible physique. When I saw these shots from Los Angeles photographer Brian Jones from Studio 35, I loved how he captured Nick's form so beautifully with simple, classic poses. I especially loved his head shots of Nick, showcasing his face and eyes with a beautiful, almost soulful result.

These Photos from Nick's session with Brian were shot for a calendar a couple years ago in Los Angeles. Like most of artists who have worked with Nick, Brian described working with Nick as wonderfully easy. 'He was very confident in front of the camera, a natural beauty.' Brian says he was drawn to shooting Nick because of his masculine demeanor and presentation counterbalanced by his graceful look and lines. I think the juxtaposition Brian describes is a key reason for Nick's continued ability to appeal and connect with those who view his images.

RePose by YogaBear Studio

RePose: To lie at rest, to lie dead, to remain still or concealed

There are many artists who beautifully capture the male form. Some, choose to shoot and focus their lens on what they have defined as beautiful in terms of body height and weight, muscle mass, skin tone, hair, color and length on both head and body, race and age. There are others though, who capture the male form without the limits of a definition. David Gray of YogaBear Studio is one of those photographers.

I love how David has weaved so many themes into his new series RePose. It is not uncommon to see the male nude shot on a bed, on or within white sheets. David doesn't stop there however, the bed becomes a billowy background, soft yet stark. The white sheets act to both conceal and reveal. They cover and shroud, protect and unveil. There is a sense of freedom, yet the sheets also act as a tool of bondage, keeping the those in the bed trapped exactly where the camera wants them.