Tuesday, March 25, 2008

James McAvoy: The Last King of Scotland

My Weekend with James McAvoy.

I hung with James both Saturday and Sunday Nights...

I finally got around to seeing The Last King of Scotland this past weekend. I purposely avoided it at the theatre as the subject matter did not hold much interest to me. I bought the DVD awhile ago, but never bothered to put in my machine. I was asked to bring some movies to a gathering on Saturday Night and picked it up. I really loved it. It had me from the get go. Forest Whitaker has always been a favorite of mine, he has been heartbreaking on many television shows. He truly deserved his Oscar. I also thought James McAvoy was equally amazing and wish he had gotten more credit for this role. If you are like me and were avoiding this movie for any reason, watch it!

James McAvoy: A Little Atonement

I saw Atonement at the Theatre last year. I had mixed feelings, I loved some of it especially the haunting music and the performance by Saoirse Ronan, who was nominated for an Oscar for her role. Also of course loved James, especially when he was working the propery... I rewatched it again this weekend, but again did not fall in love with it. It sort of fell apart for me once the characters were seperated and the scenes of the war took over. An interesting movie, but to me quite flawed as well and not nearly as great as some of the praise it garnered.

Favorite Hunk of the Day: Scott Herman

The lovely Scott Herman

Thanks to Randy Shaker for posting the pics.
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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 25th

Favorite Birthday Boy for March 25th: Zane Holmes

Hot Australian Ironman Zane Holmes turns 27 today.

Also Celebrating Today: March 25th

Also celebrating today:

Jamie Kennedy turns 38 today.

Sarah Jessica Parker turns 43 today.

Marcia Cross turns 46 today.

CNN MEN: My Favorites

Currently I am watching a lot of CNN. I am totally obsessed with the current election. It is like the Oscars for movie nuts, or Superbowl for football fans. Here are a list of my top 5 on air personalities I am currently enjoying on CNN. Some are obviously for looks, some simply talent. But these are the men I enjoy watching each night when I am getting my political fix.

CNN MEN: # 5 AJ Hammer

I do not watch Showbiz tonight on CNN I must admit, but whenever I see AJ Hammer I do take a pause. A cute hottie who I had to add to the list.

CNN MEN: #4 Jamal Simmons

Jamal Simmons drives me nuts. He is of course a Democrat, and Obama supporter, but unlike some other political analysts on CNN, he cannot seem to see beyond it. No matter what the subject, he finds a way to be critical of Clinton and spin anything Obama does. No matter what the subject, you can count on his bias to shine through loud and clear. Again, I know he is there publically as an Obama supporter, but he is exactly what I think people dislike about politics and that is the spin, and he masters the spin. But....he is incredibly hot with a face that makes me melt, so spin spin Jamal.

CNN MEN: #3 John Roberts

What can I say about John Roberts, strong handsome, intelligent. Also I remember thinking he was incredibly hot years ago watching him with longer hair interviewing the biggest in the music business on The New Music. You have come a long way Ian!