Friday, January 2, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 2nd

I promise not to post too many repeats for pic of the day, but seeing as I posted this pic this time last year I had to post it again. This pic of model Paul Tornabene is one of my all time favorite pics.

Favorite Birthday Boy for January 2nd James Marshall

I have loved James since first seening him play brooding James Hurley in 'Twin Peaks'. James is a terrific actor but seems to be concentrating on his music these days. Check out his official site (Where I got the beautiful first photo above) for more info on James, his movies and his music. You can find it HERE:

Below: James in 'Gladiator' (1992).

Also Celebrating today January 2nd

Also celebrating today January 2nd

Model and actor Brandon DeShazer turns 25 today.

Australian diver Robert Newbery turns 30 today.

Beautiful Ukrainian footballer Evgeniy Levchenko turns 31 today.

Dax Shepard turns 34 today.

Will Kirby turns 35 today.

Taye Diggs turns 38 today.

Cuba Gooding Jr. turns 41 today.

Favorite Athlete of the Day: Jens Lehmann

Jens certainly fits the hunk category. Recently retired from the German National Team, 39 year old Jens is one of Germany's most honored goalkeepers.

Favorite Male Model of the Day: Florian Reusch

What more can you say about up and coming German model Florian Reusch other than stunning!

height: 1.85 - 6.0
chest: 99 - 39
waist: 76 - 30
hips: 96 - 38
suit: 50 - 40
collar: 39 - 15.5
shoes: 43 - 10.5
eyes: Blue
hair: Blonde

See More of Florian at Place Models found HERE: