Sunday, May 17, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 18th

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Happy Birthday today May 18th

Happy 34th to actor Allen Leech!

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Will Downton's final season bring Branson and Mary together...

Just Because....

Living Well....

Is the best REVENGE!

When I watched Revenge, (in it's first season only) I always wanted Emily with Jack played by actor Nick Wechsler. In the image above, Nick poses for the UK edition of Cosmo!

Toy Boy: Westopher by RAW Photography

'I've known Robert for awhile, but never shot with him. It was funny running around naked while he was trying to set up. There's a point you stop trying to cover up cause they're gonna see it all anyway. But you know, whatever.'

I am not sure there is anything more powerful than board games, or the smell of new plastic on a toy on a birthday or at Christmas, to instantly transport us emotionally back to our childhood. Although we all had different childhood experience, almost everyone; no matter how happy or painful growing up was, no matter how much money your family had; or where and when you grew up, remember playing board games like Sorry, Risk or Trouble. I think that feel, the universal retro memory we all share, is one of the reasons I love this series of images so much.

Model, celebrity trainer and wellness consultant Westopher embodies the humor, goofiness and fun perfectly in this shoot from RAW Photography. The shoot actually took place just after Westophers move to a new apartment in WeHo. There were boxes of stuff everywhere, it looked like piles of garbage, making it just trashy enough for the shoot.

'As for the shoot coming together, we knew we wanted something sort of dirty and messy. Nothing too pretty. Robert does a lot of shoots in alleyways and dive bars. I thought it would be fun to use my mess as a "set" to play with. Overflowing boxes, random furniture and toys, it looked like a junk pile. My junk pile. King of the junk!'

With no formal photography experience, RAW Photography's Robert loves to photograph men in their rawest form...naked of course! Robert doesn't shoot in a studio, nor does use any special effects, special lighting or a fancy camera. What Robert does use, is his imagination, creativity and an eye for what he finds sexy and attractive. Although that eye is not as sharp as it used to be, Robert continues to shoot despite the fact he is losing his eyesight. It always fascinates me how sharp and precise the work of artists with vision loss can be. Robert pick ups small details and texture within his work many other photographers may nor notice or ignore.

The detail and retro feel is one of the reasons I love this set so much. Anther reason is of course Westopher. The West Hollywood model so beautifully, and so naturally, weaves the incredibly sexy with the incredibly goofy. Westopher (Wes) has a great look and could just stick to shpwing off his hot lean body with some typical male model stoic facial expressions. Nah... Wes enjoys his work and has too much energy for that and brings that joy through his attitude and expressive green eyes, mouth and facial expressions.

In addition to getting naked and having fun in front of the camera, Wes works hard to maintain not just his physical health, but mental health as well. On his website,, you can learn more about his work as a personal trainer and wellness consultant as well as check out more images of the results of all his work. You can also sign up for his free newsletter to receive both a workout, and a recipe each month.

Eight Days Of The Week: Friday

Friday proved the most difficult night so far. I don't tend to watch much television on Friday nights so the pickings were slim. Since beginning Eight Days, the networks had their up fronts and many of the shows I chose from have been cancelled. I am still including shows from the 2014/2015 schedule so even though Heart Of Dixie and Glee are now off the schedule, their actors are still included. So, without further adieu, here are my favorite hunks from Friday's Prime Time line-up!

David Muir: 20/20

I have not watched 20/20 in years. When I was younger, it was a staple for my family on Friday nights. Maybe it was Barbara Walters over load, or maybe it was that news magazines have been so sensationalized they have become pretty much unwatchable. David Muir could lure me back however, with his perfect cheek bones, maybe too perfect, and great smile. Television news seems to always push one hunk at a time and currently, it is Muir wearing the crown.

Wilson Bethel in Heart Of Dixie

I love me some Wilson Bethel and have posted about him several times before on FH. That being said, I have yet to catch a second of Heart Of Dixie. The show was recently cancelled, so might be a future Netflix pic. I first saw Bethel years ago on Y & R and was instantly in lust. Sadly, the soap didn't see what they had and sadly wasted him, but prime time quickly scooped him up.

David Giuntoli in Grimm  

Grimm is another show I have not watched a second of but whenever I see David Giuntoli in the promos I give pause to adding it to my DVR. Giuntoli has a presence though, an attractive, welcoming yet safe presence, much like Mark Harmon and Richard Dean Anderson. I think he will be a part of many televisions shows to come in the future.

Giuntoli stripping in Road Rules

Chord Overstreet in Glee

If FH had regulars, Chord Overstreet would be near the top of the list. I have covered the Glee actor more times than I can count. Incredibly hot, incredibly appealing, Chord was one of the few bright spots in Glee's declining last couple of years. I did record and watch the Glee series finale, but still have the rest of it's last season hanging stubbornly on my DVR. Maybe I will watch them over the summer, maybe they will get deleted unwatched. Either way, despite it's downward turn, Glee, it's first two and half seasons, had a powerful impact on me with many great moments and memories.

Scott Caan in Hawaii Five-0

Again, not seen a second of Hawaii Five-0, but man have I lusted after Scott Caan. One of the best butts in the business and such sexual energy and appeal. I am not sure how much they utilize it on Hawaii, but in some of his movie roles it is quite powerful.

Dat ass... Varsity Blues (1999)