Thursday, May 1, 2008

Favorite Pic of The Day for May 1st

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for May 1st Charlie Schlatter

What a cutie! Charlie Schlatter who has been in tons of tv shows and movies, but maybe best known for his roles on Diagnosis Murder and as tv's Ferris Bueller turns 42 today. Again, what a cutie!

Charlie Schlatter in The Delinquents

Charlie with Kylie Minogue in The Delinquents (Australia 1989).

Favorite Birthday Boys #2 and 3 for May 1st The Guedes Twins

Model and actors Pedro and Ricardo Guedes turn 29 today.

Also celebrating today May 1st

Some other favorites celebrating today May 1st.

Tennis Hottie Tommy Robredo turns 26 today.

Rugby's Mauro Bergamasco turns 29 today.

Dexter's Julie Benz (Oh how I loved her as Darla!) turns 36. BTW Julie, your too great an actres to be doing Maxim type magazines, leave that to the talent deprived. Shannon Elizabeth's of the world.

Retired German former football striker Oliver Bierhoff turns 40 today.

Country's studliest (is that a word...) superstar Tim McGraw turns 41 today.