Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lest We Forget

Wishing you all a peaceful day and thinking of all those affected by the tragedy at Fort Hood.


Favorite Pic of the Day for November 10th

Birthday posts for today and tomorrow November 11th. No new posts tomorrow given the holiday.


Happy Birthday Today November 10th to:

Happy Birthday today November 10th to:

Rafael Roswell turns 27 today.

Walt Goggins turns 38 today.

Grant Cramer turns 48 today.

Jack Scalia turns 58 today.

Happy Birthday November 11th to:

Happy Birthday November 11th to:

Gonzalo Canale turns 27 today.

Leonardo Dicaprio turns 35 today.

Tyler Christopher turns 37 today.

Alice star Philip McKeon turns 45.

I love the work of actor Stanley Tucci who turns 49.

Captain America is Not Gay!

I am not sure the story is as funny as Scott thinks, but it was still fun to watch and listen to.

Lovin the accent!

Search the site for much more on adorable Scott Herman

Kudos to Sam and Dan McMillen The Amazing Race

Have to give a shout out this week to The Amazing Race brothers Sam and Dan. The brothers got a bit of flack this week for expressing frustration but I have to cut them, and all the teams who lash out a bit of slack. With a million dollars on the line everyone is capable of not being the best they can be at all time.

I was on the edge of my seat last Sunday as the brothers struggle with the hay field obstacle. Thankfully they pulled it off. The brothers have proved to be a strong team not only physically but morally throughout the race and I have a lot of respect for them. I am sure a lot of 'site' would have a field day with 2 adorable gay brothers but I think of what a gift it must have been to have each other. I can only imagine the support most of us never had to have a family member, a few years older, also gay. Most of us went through coming out alone. Great job on the Race Guys!

It's beginning to look alot like a Prairie Visions Photography Christmas!

It might be a little early for some of you to think of Christmas shopping, but for those who are in the mood I have some gift ideas for you. I have profiled Kendal from Prairie Visions Photography on FH's in the past and Kendal has a great selection of gifts perfect for that hard to buy for person on your list.

You can check out Prairie Visions store HERE and HERE to find a wide selection of Posters, Calendars, magnets, mugs, Aprons, water bottles, shirts and much more!

Favorite Break Dancer of the Day: Antonio Anuk

First six amazing shots by Alvaro Villarrubia.

Many of you may already have seen the great shots of Guinness record breaker Antonio Anuk. For those of you who thought Break Dancing went out with Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer think again. Italian Break Dancer and now model Antonio is making it popular, not to mention sexy again! Check out Antonio's blog with many more great images and videos HERE:

Below: Antonio by Sam Scott Schiavo.