Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 26th

Emmanuel Fremin
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Emmanuel Fremin

We in America often have visual impressions of men from other parts of the world. When my mind would wander to that of a beautiful Frenchmen, the image I had, even before seeing him was that of Emmanuel Fremin. The hair, the face, the body all embodied my fantasy. 32 year old Emmanuel, although living in New York is originally from France. I don't support stereotypes of any kind but... Emmanuel's work does embody many of the stereotypes I have had about french men. It is mysterious, romantic and quietly beautiful. There is often a feeling in contemporary photography of 'being in a hurry' a frantic rush to get the best shot. In Emmanuel's work, particularly with artist Michel Giliberti, you imagine subject and photographer relaxing, not worried about time lines or money, waiting to get the best possible shot.

Thanks to Randall from CityArtPhoto for introducing me to the beautiful and talented Emmanuel. Emmanuel has been modeling since 1998 but his main focus these days is as owner of The Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York.

With a global view of emerging contemporary art, Emmanuel Fremin Gallery Gallery provides its clients with a select group of international artists representing a variety of mediums. By cultivating a unique relationship with each artist they represent, connects the experienced collector or the first time investor with an artist best suited to their sensibilities.

" Emmanuel Fremin is a pioneer who sets the bar higher for other people to work with , he is one of the most exciting dealers in the US now "..Art Basel Miami Beach

Emmanuel Fremin

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 170 lbs
Shoe size: 11
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Medium
Eye color: Hazel
Experience: Very Experienced

Last two shots from Bell Soto.

Emmanuel Fremin: Campaigns and Edits

Emmanuel has worked on many campaigns including; Burberry Underwear, L'oreal, Express Men, Swiss Army. Dunhill fragrance, Van Heusen, Rosner Jeans, and Hanes. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Below: Emmanuel for Burberry.

Below: Emmanuel in Marie Calire

Emmanuel Fremin by CityArtPhoto

Some of the hottest shots of Emmanuel most certainly come from CityArtPhoto. In fact it was Randall from CityArtPhoto who first introduced me to extraordinary Emmanuel. I was researching his work for another post and although he has photographed many beautiful men, his work with Emmanuel certainly stood out. The two have worked together many times and there is obvious trust in their working relationship.

Randall's work is unapologetically sexual. Erotic, raw and real. Like all great artists, Randall's work will stretch your perspective, challenge and sometimes shock.

Emmanuel Fremin by Michel Giliberti

Some of the most beautiful and passionate photos I found while researching Emmanuel were taken by French artist, painter and photographer Michel Giliberti.

Giliberti's work with Emmanuel is breathtaking and obviously based in a close relationship with the subject. Giliberti defines his art as a continuity of his childhood. “Anxiety and suffering, hurt or arrogance are combined in my art"
Giliberti's work has also been on display in Emmanuel's Gallery.

Interesting to note that Giliberti was also a well known French singer in the 1970s. Some of his hits include; Mr Crack, She lived for love, I'm watching you sleep there with her, and if you want to know. I really loved spending time enjoying Giliberti's work. I recommend you all spend some time on his blog HERE: doing the same.