Thursday, February 20, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 21st

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Happy Birthday today February 21st

Happy 29th to actor Joe Alwyn!

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The Bottom Line

The De-Tuxing: Bond by New Manhattan Studios

'Bond steps into the persona and out of tux of the secret agent for the first time.'

If you want to check our more of  Bond de-tuxed, and the images once his tux ended up on the floor, check out Bond De-Tux on Blurb HERE:

Bond on FH:

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Eighteen Years Ago...

Playgirl: February 2002

Christopher Hall

'I love being naked.  I take off my clothes as frequently as possible.'
Stabbing Westwards' Christopher Hall

The Doctor Is In

'The doctor's sexy body glistened in the stream of cool water.  It was a fantasy come true.'

Real Man of the Month

Brandon Stauch 

'It's really easy for me to get hard when being naked in public.  Thankfully, my campus is pretty liberal because there are plenty of us who just love to take off our clothes.'

Damian Idoeta

'I don't like to sleep alone.  I need to wake up and cuddle next to my woman's soft, supple skin.  The naughty stuff come later...'


'I may fight fires as a career, but when I'm with a woman, I like to make things as hot and passionate as possible!'