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Happy Birthday today March 4th

Happy 63rd to actor Steven Weber!

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I don't think I ever watched a full episode of the original Baywatch, but with a re-boot just announced, I am intrigued.  I did used to enjoy watching the opening credits, especially seeing hot male lifeguards, especially David Chokachi running in slow motion in their speedos. 

So... it will be interesting to see if Fox brings the ole speedo back for the new show.  The old show teases men in speedos, but their appearances were actually pretty rare.  I won't tune in just for lifeguards, not unless they're tightly wrapped in nylon and spandex.

Blast from the Past: Douglas Sheehan

Over the past year or so, I've had a few signs that it was time to feature actor Douglas Sheehan on the site.  I think the first one was last spring when actress Jacklyn Zeman died.  In some of the articles surrounding her death, there were images of her and Douglass from his time as her love interest on General Hospital.    I was way too young to remember him on the show, but I do remember seeing images of him in soap and television magazines when I got older. 

The second sign came last month, after deciding to do a look back at all of the editions of Battle of the Network Stars.  During my research, I found some shots of the actor donning just a black speedo.  If there was a third sign, it's my desire to watch more of the prime-time soap Knots Landing.  I've only seen a handful episodes beyond the first two seasons which were released on DVD.  None of the episodes I saw included the time when Doug played Ben on the series.

I always thought Doug was really handsome, but the only show I've really watched him on was the short-lived sit-com Day by Day.   The show only lasted 33 episodes, but is known as one of the many shows blessed by having Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the cast.  I also had a big crush on Christopher Daniel Barnes who played Doug's son. 

Although he appeared to work steadily throughout the his time in Hollywood, and post Knots Landing, Sheehan's last official credit was a short stint on Sabrina The Teenage Witch over 20 years ago.  It seems that Doug left Hollywood, and moved to Wyoming where he started a theatre company.  According to a few sources, he's been working in local theatre writing and directing since.   

If you Google 'Doug Sheehan today', there's a recent shot of Doug, now in his seventies, still looking handsome standing on a stage during a rehearsal.   Doug never did any on-screen nudity, but I found a few shirtless shots in my search.

Day by Day

Battle of the Network Stars

Knots Landing

Cooper Koch in Swallowed

'Follows two best friends on their final night together, with a nightmare of drugs, bugs, and horrific intimacy.'

To a degree, all on-screen nudity has a gratuitous nature, and a degree of exploitation.  Anything photographed or filmed, has it intrinsically.  It's part of the business actors have to either accept or fight.  Swallowed certainly does, in wonderfully hot way.  Beyond just the nude scenes featuring actor Cooper Koch, the entire story pushes boundaries in a gloriously gratuitous way.

If you've seen the film, you know what I mean.  Even the title it teasingly fun.  A gay themed movie called Swallowed, natural assumptions are made.  What's swallowed however, like the horrific intimacy noted in the description are not human, instead they refer to bugs.  Bugs with a bite that can bring on a drug induced high.

Sounds over the top right, it is, but in the hands of writer and director Carter Smith, it works.  The acting also sells the story, and Koch's character Ben is certainly put through the ringer. It was especially great seeing Mark Patton, whose career and life I've followed for awhile now.   It's great to see Mark back on screen, turning the tables on a hot young Twink, much like Freddy once did to him many years ago.