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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 14th

Adam by Bodytorium
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Red Meat

I asked for medium, but Archie seems a little rare...

March 1976

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Prime Time Supporters: Ed Quinn

Ok, I know I'm late to the party, two parties actually.  Despite hearing how great it was (and it is...) I only recently got around to catching the first three seasons of One Day At Time.  Although familiar with the original, I can't remember watching it, but as a fan of Norman Lear was aware of the premise for the show.

The cast are all superb, especially Justina Machado, who I've loved since watching Six Feet Under. The two child actors (Isabella Gomez and Marcel Ruiz) are perfectly cast and fully drawn out characters and Todd Grinnell makes sexy Schneider's frequent apartment visits always fun.  Rita Moreno is a little over the top at times, but hell, it's Rita Moreno, so will blame it on the writers.

Season two introduced as to Max, Penelope's (Machado) new love interest.  This brings us to the second party I'm was late attending, that of actor Ed Quinn.  First off, let's get it out there, Ed is hot, especially with his shirt off, but he is also a great actor who was incredibly appealing and sweet in the role.  I'm not sure why I hadn't heard of Ed before, but his long list of credits, starting back in the late 90's, include a lot of shows that passed me by.

I'm guessing many of you know the actor, and former model, from his appearances on shows which include; The Young Americans, Two Broke Girls, Mistresses, Eureka, Jack & Jill and Revenge.  I many not have known Ed before One Day At A Time, but I'll be keeping my eye out for him now.  I'm also keeping my eye out, and my fingers crossed that the great One Day At A Time will get a season 4.

'You have to realize I was 6’4” and about 210 lbs. Not the ideal height and weight to be a model – especially because the clothes don’t fit. I went over to Europe and I did very well, but I did very well because I shot a lot of commercials. Over two years I shot 35-36 commercials. Then I was able to do the big runway shows. It was amazing being 23-24 running around Europe and going from city to city and actually working and making some good money.'

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True Blood

The Rainbow Tribe

Unavoidable: Adam by Bodytorium

' I remember telling myself right away that "this guy needs better photographs". So I made it my mission to bring out his sexiness.'

Last month, FH readers were introduced to the work of Bodytorium and the photographer's work with the charming and sexy Dominik. (Off With Their Clothes!)  Phil has taken on the arduous task of shooting athletic, and of course naked, Slovakian men.  In the first piece, Phil shared his not just his images, but his passion for both shooting the nude male form, and celebrating it as well.

After posting the piece, I added a shot of Dominik on my Instagram and looked for the Bodytorium page in order to add a tag.   As I checked out Phil's images, I was drawn to several images that were on the top row.  The model's name was Adam and I loved his looks and images Phil had posted.

Adam clearly had a great body, tall and lean, but it was his face and eyes that I first noticed.  I loved it's shape and structure and especially how hot Adam looked wearing his glasses.  When you scroll down you'll definitely notice that Adam's face and glasses are not his only features worthy of  attention, but given it was on Instagram, not everything, regardless of how impressive, could be shown.

Although Adam looks incredible out of his clothes, he also looks incredible in them.  I'm sort of glad those Instagram safe shots of Adam were the first ones I saw.  I loved how his body looked in his underwear and shorts, and had me looking forward to seeing more.  I quickly got in touch with Phil about featuring his shots of Adam.

Adam was one of the few models that Phil photographed last summer that he hadn't met.  Many of the models Phil has shot have been friends, someone he's met or knew beforehand.  Adam was a friend of a friend, and although Phil had seen a few of his photographs, they didn't really given him a good idea of what he'd look like in person, or how he'd photograph.

'I met up with Adam in a town that's half way between our homes and I was pleasantly surprised by his good looks and charming personality.'

Adam was 18 when Phil photographed him, still in his last year of high school.  Although young and new to modeling, Phil describes him as one of the friendlies, deepest and level-headed men that he's met. The shoot took place about a week after Phil and Adam first met up.

'I was a bit shy and awkward at first, and the funny thing was that I forgot to clarify earlier whether we were going to do full nudes or not, so I kind of improvised and eased into it, going a little step at a time while trying to gage Adam's comfort level. '

'I finally broke the ice when I went up on a raised platform to take some shots from above. The angle and the distance made things feel a bit less intrusive and I finally built up the courage to ask Adam to take off all his clothes. He did so without any hesitation, and from that point on, things went very smoothly and comfortably. He's a very tall young man, with a sexy deep voice, and a big heart.'

'My favorite picture of Adam is the one where he's stepping out of the building. One thing that really "stood out" during the photo shoot was Adam's penis. It's something that's just really hard to keep your eyes off of, even when you're trying to be polite and not stare. It's unavoidable. It just draws your sight.'

You can check out more of Phil's work with Adam in several galleries on Phil's site Bodytorium HERE: