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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 2nd

Lord Agonia rockin the onesie
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Happy Birthday today December 2nd

Happy Birthday to Dan Gauthier!

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On The Road with Garrett Hedlund

Brazilian filmmaker Walter Salles did the unthinkable. In his adaptation of Jack Kerouac's classic novel On The Road, for the first time since Panic Room he had me not only enjoying a movie featuring Kristen Stewart, but her performance as well.

Character driven drama's are my favorite type of film, and in On The Road there is no shortage of great characters, each played by great actors. Stewart, Viggo Mortensen, Steve Buscemi, Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Tom Sturridge and Terrence Howard all turn in memorable performances in their supporting roles. The film however belongs to it's leads Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund.

Hedlund, and not just because he is naked a few times, is always compelling and I love the relationship between his character Dean and Riley's Sal. The film is based on the year Kerouac spent travelling the US in the 1940s. One of the great things about the film, is that nothing and everything really happens. There are no murders, no big accidents or catastrophic events. Just the relationship between the two men and the people they encounter along the way.

Hedlund's Dean is familiar to me. I think we have all at one time or another been around a Dean. He is that guy everyone loves, sexy but not perfect, open and welcoming to everyone, yet not especially nice to any of them. Straight but with no issue being naked with and around other men. Unabashedly sexual, a magnet to both women and men. You don't just want to be near him, with him, it becomes for some, an obsession. Dean is aware of his appeal and loves to display his sexual prowess to those around him.

Viggo Mortensen

Like most men with Dean's qualities, he is also self destructive and although people want to be with him, near him, most end up tiring of his type of energy and end up needing to exercise him from their lives.

Hollywood doesn't often make dialogue and character driven movies like On The Road these days so when you find one it is a great gift. The film is a bit long but the performances and jazz soundtrack make the journey worth it.

Garrett with Steve Buscemi

Sam Riley

Lord Agonia: In The Throes

Anche se Agonia ha una serie di significati, molti dei quali riconducibili a passione e dolore. In italiano, che il dolore è grave, un spasimo della morte, il tipo di dolore che termina con la morte. 20 anni, modello di Luca si fa chiamare Signore Agonia, e dal momento che un signore ha la capacità ultimo grido in fatto di controllo, la passione e il dolore è il suo scatenare.

Although Agonia has a number of meanings, most of them lead back to Passion and Pain. In Italian, that pain is severe, a death throe, the type of pain that ends in death. Model Luca calls himself Lord Agonia, and since a Lord has the ulitmate ability to control, passion and pain is his unleash.

'I love to experiment, trying not to fall into vulgarity but instead, maintaining the artistic.'

Milan's Luca describes himself as an alternative model, focusing on goth and fetish. Although the themes in his work often fall to the dark and the deadly, there is also an ethereal quaility, with his beautifully distinct features and precise body movements and poses. Luca studies fashion and design in Rome and although the the 20 year old model loves to dress goth, this does not prevent him from stepping seamlessing into other styles and areas.

Eclectic is sometimes an overused word, but for a model whose images span the spectrum from Vampire (in the first two images) to wearing an adult onesie, with ears/horns to boot, the adjective seems to fit.

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Women I Love: Liz Sheridan

The first time I saw Liz Sheridan on television she scared the shit out of me. I was about nine or ten when Alf came on the air and as the Tanner's nosey neighbour Raquel Ochmonek, Sheridan was a force to be reckoned with.

Above: Alf

The past month or so I have been watching the repeats of Seinfeld just before bed. WPIX-TV plays two episodes each night and when Jerry's parents Helen and Morty (Sheridan and Barney Martin) show up you know it will be a great episode.

Sheridan has incredible comic timing and the rhythm, not only achieved, but maintained between actors in The Pen (1991) is television at it's finest.

Sheridan is comic gold and her performance meeting close talker Aaron (Judge Reinhold) in The Raincoats episode is one of my favorite moments of the series.

'How can anyone not like him!'

As an aspiring dancer and actress beginning her career in New York, Sheridan lived with James Dean while trying to make it on The Big White Way. The actress chronicles their relationship, and short engagement, in her book Dizzy & Jimmy.

Sheridan portrays Dean as a sometimes corny romantic, who immediately began talking about being "together forever" and who needed "always to touch and be touched."
Publishers Weekly

Liz Sheridan Official Website