Thursday, April 8, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 8th

Loving Josh Woods by AJR Imaging.

Happy Birthday John Schneider

John Schneider will always be a favorite of mine! Bo Duke turns a studly 56 today.

In The News...

Just my thoughts on two stories in the news this week...

Nicollette Sheridan:

I liked Nicollette Sheridan. I did not watch a lot of Desperate Housewives, but when I did it was because of Nicollette and her character. I have not watched but a few minutes this season. Without Edie tramping up the street the show holds little interest to me.

I have no idea what happened on the set. Marc Cherry could be an ass, Nicollette could just be bitter. But... There is no denying to me that Cherry treated Sheridan like the runt of the litter on DH for the past 5 years. From the obvious, not putting her in the opening credits to the more subtle. Cherry liked to make Edie (and Sheridan) expendable each season, maybe keeping Sheridan and Edie fans in line. He had her move away, attempt suicide and despite her popularity chose to leave her out of countless episodes including several season finales. It was obvious she was a fan favorite, magazines insisted on her when putting the cast on the cover. Award shows wanted her with the cast. Sheridan is correct that it is very unprecedented to fire and kill off one of a shows most popular characters, particularly at a time ratings when are going down. It was clear Cherry had an issue with Sheridan if you ever watched him being interviewed about her or the character. He diminished her contributions to the show at every turn.

Whether or not he did any or all of the things Sheridan is accusing him of is not clear. It is crystal clear however that he pushed (figuratively or literally) this desperate housewife one time to many...

Tiger Woods:

I find it hard to believe that many pr experts are calling Tiger Woods new Nike commercial brilliant and brave.... Come on!

It is manipulative bullshit and anyone with a brain can see that. Obviously Nike and Tiger think that Americans are truly stupid. Not sure...maybe they are right. I cannot believe there are so many people who think because this man can hit a ball into a hole somehow makes his actions ok.

I don't care about Tiger Woods, I really don't want him on the News at all. But more than that I don't want him on the news being praised. People make mistakes, for sure, I actually don't dislike Tiger because of his mistakes. I dislike him because after the mistakes came to light, Tiger and his PR people went on such a blatant campaign to make the guy a victim (A victim of the media, a victim of the women he fucked, a victim of his father) that it truly disgusts me.

There are true victims in the world, true people who have suffered. True people who need rehab in a serious way...'not a pr way'. Tiger has not suffered, he caused suffering and should not be rewarded because he has millions to hire pr people to rehabilitate his image.

This story at it's core represents the ugliest part of our society.
Mistakes should not be judged, we all make them. But... Mistakes should also not be rewarded. America currently has a system of rewarding those who screw up who screw others. TV is full of them, TMZ makes them 'temp celebrites' so called celebrity magazines make them cover stories.

The lesson in Tiger Woods is screw a famous married man and get a job on 'Access Hollywood' and a spread in 'Vanity Fair'. Our kids are soaking it all in. As the wonderful Stephen Sondheim said; 'Children may not obey, but children will listen'.