Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 19th

Francisco by Studio1x
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Trickle Down

Soap Studs: Rory Gibson

Ahhh time flies.  Seems like just yesterday that I was lusting after shirtless shots of Y & R's Joshua Morrow.  Now, it's actor Rory Gibson who recently joined the show as his son Noah.  I haven't really watched much Y & R lately, but I set my DVR to record what I believe is the show's first same sex wedding.

In the show's almost 50 years of airing, Mariah and Tessa are not only the first same-sex couple to marry on the soap, it's the first gay couple they really given any attention to.  I've seen Rory a few times on the show, but he didn't seem to be given much to work with when it comes to writing and story.  It appeared from the wedding however, Noah has a love interest, or maybe two, in his future. Rory seems up for the task, and he sure is purdy...

Rory Gibson on Instagram

Rory by blakeephoto

Morgan Spector: Mr. Russell Revealed!

'There weren’t a lot of muscular people when I was acting in school, so I was pressed into service as the guy with his shirt off.'

It's no surprise that actor Morgan Spector was often called to take his shirt off he literally smoulders in The Gilded Age, no matter what he's wearing.  His eyes, his beard, his walk, head to toe sexy!  Although there was no nudity from the male cast in The Gilded Age, the producers did wisely get George Russell shirtless.  Even poorly lit, his chest was a site to behold. 

When I was watching Spector in the HBO series, I kept thinking there was something so familiar about the actor.  I thought I'd seen his eyes, his face, and heard his voice before.  I don't think I had though.  I checked out Spector's IMDB page, and don't think I've seen any of his previous work.  When I was putting this piece together however, I think I know when I felt I know him.  Spector looks as if he could be the older brother of senator Jon Ossoff.

Morgan Spector on Instagram

Permission (2017)

' A woman on the brink of a marriage proposal is told by a friend that she should date other men before spending the rest of her life with her boyfriend.'

Split (2016)

'Split is the surreal and epic journey a young woman takes to claim her own darkness and sexuality so she can stop putting it into the hands of her abusive lover.'

Wet Lines & Right Curves: Francisco by Studio1x Shower

'I think my favorite part of the shoot was just being able to spend so much time with Francisco and really getting to know him well.'

I think shaving another man's butt is a great ice-breaker, and a sure fire way to get to know someone... Erections and butt shaving however, weren't the only topics of conversation during Francisco and Jim's two day shooting marathon.  Never having modeled before, Francisco had tons of questions about the work and the process.

'Francisco had lived a pretty sheltered life so he had many questions not only about the process, but also more general questions about  life, relationships etc. It was almost like I was a like a mentor or father figure that he could trust and felt comfortable asking and talking about anything. '

'We did want a good mix of everything but for the erection shots, he would use his phone to watch some porn to get himself up for those shots.'

Normally I don't feature that many erections in features, but in the images that Jim sent on, Francisco appeared aroused in quite a few of the shots. In addition to his beautiful body, face and alluring eyes, I was admittedly also quite taken, and visually fascinated, by Francisco's penis an it's tendency to curve to the right when fully erect. (see below)

I love that Jim often sends me on hundreds of shots to choose from.  For his work with Francisco however, there were not hundreds, but thousands of images from their two day shoot and the many looks and locations that they shot in.  

I managed to narrow it down to a little over a hundred and hated to let my favorites go.  If like me, you can't get enough of Jim's work with Francisco, check out even more of Francisco, and his beautiful lines and curves, on THE OVER-FLOW HERE: