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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 21st

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No, today is not the birthday of model and adult film actor Seth Peterson.  Not that nude images of Seth aren't reason to celebrate...  The birthday today is for The Male Form by CP, the photographer and site behind these hot shots of Seth.  I've been fortunate to have featured the artist's work many times, most recently, removing the robe from Harry Potter, aka Taylor, to reveal his magic wand.  (HERE:)

Now I know looking at these images, you may want to blow out more than candles, but if you head on over to The Male Form by CP, there are other gifts awaiting.  In addition to several galleries spotlighting CP's work with Seth, the site will be releasing a video a day, featuring selecting models through the week.

From now until April 29th, if you enter the discount code PARTY10, you'll get $10 off any of the membership levels.  Each of the membership brings you the same amount of great content, the only difference is how long you'll be able to stay at the party!  Check out more on The Male Form By CP HERE:

Hot Suits:

'What TV's heavenly bodies will (almost) have on at the beach.'

It's funny, I've seen very little of Knots Landing.  When I was a kid, my parents watched Dallas, and I got hooked when it aired on TNN in the late 1990's.   I knew that actor Ted Shackelford played Gary, Lucy's dad, and caught him on the spin-off when the first two seasons of Knots Landing were released on DVD.  I've caught a few other episodes on-line, but am still hoping the entire run get's a digital release at some point. 

Not having seen it all, doesn't mean I don't have an appreciation for the male hotties running around Seaview Circle, especially Gary, the cul-de-sac's resident male himbo.   Last month, when doing a 'blast from the past' post on actor Doug Sheehan, (HERE:) I came across a French fan site for the show with some hot shot of Mr. Shackleford. 

It reminded me, that I never did a 'hot suits' post on Ted. Some of you remember those bathing suit issues of US Magazine from the 80's.  I used to scour old flea markets, and for awhile, sold sell back issues of my finds on e-bay.  I could buy boxes of old magazines for a few bucks, and sell them for much more on e-bay.  

I don't know if I ever found one of the 'hot suit' issues at the flea market, but I did find and buy a few old copies on e-bay for myself. I've previously put together 'hot suits' posts featuring actors Jon-Erik Hexum, (HERE:) and Ted McGinley. (HERE:)  I hadn't however, put together one for Ted. 

It actually wasn't so much the magazine images that I wanted to share, but the outtakes and unpublished shots, that made their way on to the Internet years after the magazine hot suit issue hit the stand.  Shackelford's images are probably the hottest, and I wish I could have found more!  In some he's wearing a pretty skimpy white bikini brief.  Unfortunately, it was Donna Mills in focus, so you didn't get such a really great view of Ted's package in white.

These last two shots, of Ted in red, give a slightly better view.  I can't imagine too many of today's prime-time television actors, posing in such a skimpy swimsuit in a mainstream magazine.  In putting together this piece, while searching for images of Ted in his tiny speedos, I found some other hot shots, not connected to the magazine shoot.  You can check them out on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

No Harm, No Foul: TexasPhoenix by MJL Photography

'There is no harm in asking....'

I first noticed the work of Michael from MJL Photography on Instagram last year, and quickly hit the follow button.   I then of course, proceeded to get in touch, hoping Michael might be up for a piece on the site. Fortunately he was, the difficulty was coming up with just the right model to spotlight.  When it comes to introducing an artist on FH, the model, or choice of shoot is especially important, as it might be the first time, some viewers of the site, see their work.

That minor dilemma was solved earlier this month after seeing images of Michael's work with Conner posted on his Instagram page. I was introduced to Conner's work through his couples shoots with photographer Gordon Nebeker, and was fortunate to have featured Conner's work with models Tim back in 2020 and with Nico in 2022. (HERE:)  I really enjoyed my collaborations with Conner, and last year, he was in the spotlight with a series of solo portraits Conner took while hiking during a visit to Toronto. (HERE:)

What first struck me about Michael's images with Conner was how much they screamed spring to me. In addition to the baseball and spring training theme, it was also the specific color hues included in the fashion elements incorporated into the shoot.   Although spring had officially sprung about a month ago, Conner was definitely channeling the energy and spirit we all associate with the beginning of the spring season.

Michael didn't begin his photography journey with a plan to capture the male form, but sometimes... circumstances lead you naturally, just where you ought to be.  Michael's not really sure what lead him to photography back in 2007, but once he got there, he was in love.  It was really only recently however, that his love of style and pose had starting to focus on the male form. For Michael, it began with a spark of curiosity.  

When starting to shoot the human form, especially when that form is nude, it can be incredibly intimidating.  Not only just to find a model, but and then ask a total stranger  if they'll take the risk to pose nude with a photographer radiatively new to the artform.  That's why, so many photographers who shoot nudes, begin by working with someone they already know...

'An old ex of mine let me shoot him naked. Of course, it was awkward for the both of us since we had never done this before.  The photos however, turned out amazing. My main goal when shooting a male model is making sure they are comfortable.  I make sure I know their comfort level before shooting and as well, while the shoot is happening. '

Initially, Michael struggled to find models to work with in the Orlando area.  After sharing this with a friend, who was also a photographer, the photographer welcomed Michael to reach out with model's he had worked with. When it came to his work with Conner however, Michael actually had a bit of head start.  Michael knew of Conner from a past job, they had been on together, so he reached out about shooting after some messaging back and forth on Instagram.

'There is no harm in asking someone if they'd like to model. Conner said that he would be interested and after that, it was just about coming up with a time to make it happen.  Working with Conner was a delight, and I'd love to work and create with him again.'

For his part, Conner had noticed on Michael's Instagram page, that he'd been posting more shoots with local models and new themes.  Conner had been away over seas, and Michael's message about shooting, came shortly after he'd returned home to the States.  They chatted a bit first, mostly to introduce themselves to each other, and see they'd be a good fit for a creative collaboration. 

'What was really nice was that Michael asks his models to fill out a form detailing their comfort level of varying states of dress. From fully clothed, underwear, implied nude, to fully nude. It was nice to be able to choose ahead of time so we both knew what photos we could get. My first shoot was just a test shoot and for St Patrick’s day. So I brought a lot of green haha. On a follow up shoot, I brought a few more choices. I had had the idea for the baseball photos a while back when I saw the jock strap in my draw. '

The baseball shots came out really fantastic! It takes a lot of time and work on both ends and its great to show off the hard work and effort put into creating art!  It's gratifying when the model is positive about the results. Conner has a great personality, goofy in a great way and knows how to work the camera. He was always down to try ideas and poses and we found ways to better the poses by talking it out. 

'Both shoots were just us playing with clothes and levels of being clothing.  I loved the freedom I felt in the creating during the shoot. It’s always nice to work with new photographers because everyone has their own style or eye when shooting. My favorite part of the shoot is actually for an upcoming project Michael is working on the pride month. I will be excited when he can post more about it later.'