Thursday, March 4, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 5th

Angel by Bob Burkhardt 

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Seasonal Sightings:

Anthony's Anatomy

I, like I'm guessing many of you, was a fan of actor Anthony Ramos long before I knew what he looked like.  I wasn't lucky enough to have seen Hamilton on Broadway, but I certainly knew the music and Anthony was a part of the show as John Laurens/Philip Hamilton through the shows transition from Off-Broadway at The Public Theatre through the musical's opening night at The Richard Rogers Theatre on Broadway.

 I think the first time I saw Anthony was as a smiling audience member while watching The Kennedy Centers Honors.  It was shortly after, that I connected the sexy smiling face with the actor I'd been listening to so often in the car and while on a run.  Calvin Klein debuted it's latest promotional images this week, and it was great to see Anthony (shot by Mario Sorrenti)as part of the campaign.  If anyone is curious to what's under Anthony's Calvins, I did a previous piece featuring his only nude scene that I know of. (HERE:)  I'm looking forward to seeing Anthony as Usnavi in the up coming film release of In The Heights.

Anthony Ramos on Instagram

Sexy Salad

Last month, in a piece featuring the sultry Maximiliano Palacio, (HERE:) I shared that thanks to one very cold and snowy weekend, I finally caved and binged the first two seasons of The Real Housewives of New York.  I say caved, as I had previously resisted watching any of the Housewives franchise, but once down the rabbit hole, I was in.  The constant fighting, partying and drinking had me taking a bit of a break, but last week, I made it through a few more seasons.

In season five of the series, we're introduced to new housewife Carole Radziwill.  I was instantly drawn to Carole for a number of reasons.  I loved her back story, her career in television and journalism, and her ability to rise above most of the chaos surrounding her on the show.  Although she eventually got swept in, she fought a hard a battle for awhile.

One thing Carole didn't fight, least initially, was her attraction to chef Adam Kenworthy.  Adam was introduced working as a personal chef for Luann de Lesseps, but Carole saw something besides the food on the menu that she wanted to sample.  It's easy to understand why.  Adam is incredibly hot, but more than his good looks, he is interesting.  With a diverse set of hobbies and interests, it wasn't a surprise Carole was a smitten kitten.

Adam reminded me of all those straight guys in high school I used to crush over.  Good looking, but not at all cocky about it, open minded, interesting and intelligent, focused on health and fitness, but certainly not a jock.  I loved watching Adam cook, especially when he was preparing Carole his sexy salad.  Despite their age difference, they seemed incredibly compatible during their time together.

Adam by Sean Watters 

Remaining images from Thomas Synnamon

Not surprising given his good looks, and the fact he lived in New York, Adam at one time some modeling.  A former 2011 Cosmo Bachelor, Adam certainly heated things up in this underwear shoot before turning his attention to heating up the kitchen. 

The Bathing Scene: A Room With A View

'Are you bathing Mr. Beebe? 
 Don't be shy.'

A Room With A View 
Merchant Ivory Productions (1985)
Director:James Ivory
Book by E.M Forster

Simon Callow..........The Reverend Mr. Beebe
Julian Sands..........George Emerson
Rupert Graves..........Freddy Honeychurch