Monday, October 3, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 3rd

Bruce Migliavacca by Adrian Lourie
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Happy Birthday October 3rd

Happy Birthday today October 3rd

Seann William Scott turns 35 today.

Clive Owen turns 47 today.

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The One At The Beach

If any of you were a fan of Friends, you will remember the 1997 finale, The One At The Beach. My weekend away pretty much copied that episode down to the cottage filled with sand. (mostly from peoples feet...) It has been raining pretty much non stop for 4 days, everything ended up wet, especially my dog. Except for a walk on the beach for about a half hour Friday night when it cleared, it was an inside weekend at the beach. Not the weekend I planned but board games, poker, good food and lots of beer is not the worst way to close out the summer of 2011.

One lesson I have yet to learn though, in all the times I have gone away with this particular group of friends, is how to bow quietly and gracefully out of the room when someone says 'Lets Play Truth Or Dare!' In order not to repeat the singing in my skivvies incident from last year I carefully chose truth this year. Lets just leave it that the results were no less traumatic.

More ass with more class! Angus Malcolm presents The Warwick Rowers!

It's that time of year again! One of my favorite photographers, Angus Malcolm is back again with another year of incredibly hot shots of The Warwick Rowers. Unlike the Stade and ARL calendars (which I do love), the less 'glossy and photoshopped' shots Angus presents provides a real feel to the images with a hot intimacy as you get to know the actual rowers, not model types brought in for the shoots. This year, we also get a video!!!

Angus, who has just had a successful exhibition in Sydney and is about to be published in a new coffee table collection of male nudes, is very excited about how this year’s calendar looks

“What people have told me they love about the previous calendars is that they’re funny and charming, and sexy without being too explicit – after all, these aren’t porn stars, they’re just a nice bunch of guys who love their sport and want to help their club. We’ve think we’ve succeeded in keeping that feel, while also creating images that are going to look great on the wall.”
Angus Malcolm

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The men at Warwick Rowing have stripped off once again to raise funds for their club. You can have them on your all next year and in return, your support will help them to purchase new equipment, and particularly a much-needed new boat. The calendar is available as an art quality printed calendar or as a set of high resolution downloadable images. As well as the calendar, the boys are offering two sets of bonus images – one set is group shots, and the other is solo snaps of some of your favourite guys…

As stated above, this year you can also get a film of this year’s calendar shoot, with a professionally filmed and edited look behind the scenes at the making of the calendar. Shot in full colour at broadcast-quality, this film will show these boys as you’ve never seen them before. If you like the calendar, you’ll love the film!

The rowers were thrilled that last year’s calendar achieved 200,000 downloads and sales to more than 25 countries. So this year they are giving a share of profits from sales of the film to Sport Relief, a fantastic charity that works with the BBC to help vulnerable people around the world.

Order your own copy HERE:

Creatively Speaking: Bruce Migliavacca

'Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.'
Cecil B. DeMille

With FH entering it's 5th year this month, the creativity of those whose work I feature has become that much more important. For me, creativity in art, in photography, involves hitting a part of ones senses either not hit before or hit in a new way. Not just seeing, but experiencing something visual or emotional.

Next 5 images by myrkky.

Whenever I feature the work of model Bruce Migliavacca I am always struck by the photographers he works with and the creativity within his work. I have featured Bruce's images on a number of occasions including his shots with haringmanPlus and as Favorite face of the Day. Originally from South Africa, Bruce has been living and working in London the past 6 years. Bruce juggles modelling with a full time job but as you can see by some of his new work featured here always brings something new to each of his shoots.

Below: Bruce by John Drennan.

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Last two incredible shots by Thunderflasher.