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What to Wear, What to Wear...

Strings Attached:

Stan Girgosian

Although naked is great, sometimes it can be even hotter when there are strings attached...

Images from by Bob Mizer

Primus' Inter Pares: TJ by Oculusvivatus

'I invited Patrick to shoot TJ with me. He shot him in many of the same poses as I did, but his style is phenomenal. It is dark and dramatic.'

FH readers know the work of Rick from The Third Eye. Viewers who read my rumblings between the incredible images also may remember Rick for his kindness and benevolence. Rick consistently shines the spotlight on others, whether the model he's shooting, or another artist who's work he admires. For this piece, we're fortunate to have the spotlight on both.

Rick shooting Patrick, shooting TJ

Recently Rick sent on a selection images of TJ, a new model he shot earlier this spring.  Rick wasn't wanting the focus to be on his work with TJ, but of another artist who participated in the shoot.  I'd already seen a few of TJ's images on ModelMayhem, and was hoping to be able to feature his images.  I also noticed the other photographer Patrick (Oculusvivatus) on ModelMayhem, but it was his work in front of, not behind the camera that initially drew me to his MM portfolio.

Rick had previously shot Patrick's ex-girlfriend, and they got to know each other during the shooting process.  Also a photographer, Rick invited Patrick to bring his bring his camera and a creative connection was formed.  They continued to communicate on on-line and after Rick set up his shoot with TJ, he invited Patrick to join him shooting TJ at a natural lighting studio.

One of the things I loved so much about this shoot was it's dual firsts. Although he's been a photographer for over 20 years, this was the first time Patrick had worked with a nude male model.  It was also TJ's first time, not only modeling, but modeling nude.

Rick first noticed the 25 year old on Instagram, and knew instantly that he'd photograph well. TJ had been focused on fitness and has been working hard at reaching his set goals. Despite his success and his great look, Rick shares that TJ is very unaffected and doesn't realize how attractive he is. Given this, TJ didn't initially jump at Rick's offer to model.  It took seven e-mails, but TJ eventually responded, and agreed to a shoot.

'TJ was the first nude male model that I shot. He was very relaxed and very self confident. He was easy to work with and that helped me learn a bit more on working with males. Also for a few minutes after shooting him I posed a bit for a few shots alone and with him at the end.'

Stepping in front Rick's camera had Patrick deciding to set up two profiles on Model Mayhem, one for his photography, (HERE:) and one for his modeling (HERE:) In addition to his work with Rick, Patrick also turned the camera on himself and has some phenomenal and sexy self portraits in his modeling portfolio.  Although he's been shooting for close to two decades, including as a photojournalist for the Air Force Reserves, Patrick says it was interesting experience working with Rick and TJ and especially modeling himself and learning to be creative with his own shots and poses.

'Both Rick and Patrick make it easy to feel comfortable in front of the camera. With their direction, they created some of the best shots I’ve seen of myself and gave me the reassurance that being in front of a camera is something I would want to pursue. I really enjoyed the experience!'

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