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Favorite Pic of the Day for April 7th

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Seasonal Sightings:

Who Dat?

I'm guessing many of you already know who this stud is, but I just discovered him this week.  You can check out some of my favorite shots of Colt model Danny Collier on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Danse Diabolique

'There are three things you can never get enough of in life, Lieutenant. Chocolate, friends, and the theater.'
Jessica Fletcher

Last summer, I wrote about finding repeats of Murder She Wrote on one of my new retro channels. (Death Toll)  I'd seen a handful of episodes when I was a kid, my mom liked to watch it, but missed most of the shows run.  I added it to my TiVo and started trying to catch up.   I quickly gave up, but not before posting about several of the hunks who interacted with Jessica Fletcher over the years.

I stopped watching regularly, and deleted it from TiVo when there was, what seemed like, endless episodes with Angela Lansbury.  I also hated most of the trips 'abroad', loving the episodes set in Cabot Cove the best.   I did however, catch an episode last week, mostly due to a catching a particular hottie in tights.

The episode, Danse Diabolique is the eleventh episode from the shows eighth season.  The story finds Jessica unravelling death of a ballerina after she dances a ballet that has killed everyone who has tried it.  The guest stars who I was somewhat familiar with were; Marisa Berenson, Stephen Nichols and Daniel Pilon.  Then of course, there was that man in tights.

I instantly recognized the face, (and the mullet) but couldn't really figure out how I knew him until heading to the IMDB.  I'm sure of some of you easily guessed the hottie in question, but it was a mystery to me.  When I found out who he was, I was a little surprised.  I'm not sure I've ever actually seen much, or any, of his work, but I did know the face.

I recognized actor Robert Torti from images in the many TV and celebrity magazines I used to collect.  When I was a kid, I was often dragged to flea markets on Sunday after church.  The one saving grace was that my mother would give me a couple of dollars to keep me quiet.  I always bought old celebrity  magazines.  Torti's character Damien Bolo was in tights for almost all of his scenes, and had me wanting to see, and find out more.  Check out more of Robert Torti on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Calmly Concupiscent: Malyk by Lights On Studio

'This session was done before I realized you had a pathologic obsession with butts or I would have done more butt shots.'

I wouldn't necessarily call my love butt shots 'pathological', but I'll let it go.  I don't hold a grudge, and I have been a little... let's say 'relentless when working on pieces for the site with photographer Tom Nakielski. (Lights On Studio)  Because Tom created and captured so many incredible holiday shoots for FH, I admit to ending more than a few e-mails requesting, (pleading) for more butt shots.

When you have a model as hot as Malyk, it's really hard to blame me for asking.  Malyk is just one of those models who looks incredible from whatever side and angle he's being photographed at. I was introduced to Malyk's work the same way that Tom was, through the work of photographer Phil Rugel from PR Photo.  I first featured a tease of their work together in a seasonal sightings post back in 2017. (HERE) I followed that up with a full post featuring Malyk's work with Phil the following year. (HERE:)

I loved everything about Malyk' work, from his strong, handsome face to his incredible body.  I think I especially loved how nonchalant he appeared posing fully naked in front of relative strangers.  It wasn't that I though Maylk's didn't care about modeling or the work, it was more that I felt he just knew... 

Malyk seemed keenly aware of how his physical appearances impacted others, and went with the flow. There wasn't anything 'put on' or forced,  just a natural sensuality that he exuded in front of the camera that seemed organic.  Since I began bugging Tom about digging into his archives, Maylk's been on my list to revisit.  I've featured Tom's work with Malyk several times before, but knew there were several other themes and locations that the shot, that I still wanted to share.

How did you first come to notice Malyk? 
I first became aware of Malyk through photographer Phil Rugel from Kalamazoo, MI. Phil is also a music composer and conductor. He contacted me to introduce me to model Malyk. He thought I might like the opportunity to photograph Malyk and also expressed that he would like the opportunity to observe me at work. 

Was it easy to schedule a shoot? 
Phil arranged the session. Malyk does not have a car so Phil brought him. 

What about Malyk's look had you wanting to work with him
I liked that he was in very good shape. Also his ethnic look was a plus . He is of American/Trinidad descent.  The fact that he is well endowed was also not ignored by me. 

How many times did you shoot? 
We had one long session. It was done in two separate locations. The first part was in a friend's house that had a lot of African d├ęcor. Hence me taking the session into a kind of African theme. Then we continued to the studio that was a bit more pin-up style. There, I did manage to get a few butt shots for your pleasure :) 

Was Malyk talkative, or focused on the work? 
Malyk was not very talkative He he quite at ease in the posing though. (I think I may have gotten him to do an erection shot if I weren't too shy to suggest it). 

Tell me about the process?
I was really enjoying the session and lost track of time. After about 4 hours, Malyk did hint that he was ready to call it a wrap. I could have gone on for a couple of more hours. I did manage to cram a lot of useable images in that time. He was very cooperative and went along with my suggestions. He was great at trying to follow my lead, and looked to me for direction, especially with pose.

You can check out more of Tom's work with Malyk, as well as Tom's answers to questions about his thoughts on photography since his retirement on the NEXT PAGE HERE: