Monday, December 3, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 4th

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Fine Lines

Someone seems to be sporting both tan, and pantie lines... 

Classic Playgirl: December 1995

The Complete Package:
Keith Munyon
December, 1995

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12 Days: Ryan Paevey in Hope for Christmas

Sydney and Rayanne are embraced by the town in ways that only fate and the magic of Christmas can explain, and Sydney soon finds herself hopelessly smitten by Mac, an elementary schoolteacher, fill-in Santa, and the very definition of "a good man."

As I stated in this year's introduction to 12 Days, Hallmark often casts soap stars and models in their holiday movies.  With Hope At Christmas they got two for the price of one with former model and former General Hospital star Ryan Paevey.   I am also a sucker for movies about local book stores and a book store is sort of at the heart of the story.

I mentioned that I don't always actually watch Hallmark movies as much as have them on as background entertainment, but for Hope For Christmas, the film, and especially  Paevey had my full attention.  I have featured Paevey on FH several times, (HERE:) and never tire of seeing his handsome face and incredible body.  Although he was covered in winter sweaters throughout this project, it reminded me of the many hot shots of Paevey there are out there to enjoy!

Paevey on General Hospital

Paevey by Tim Ricks Photography

A Wrench in the Plan: Brian by Male Beauty by bengie

'Plumbers make you wet...'

Owing an older home, I often require the services of contractors, electricians and plumbers.  I have used the same plumber for about 6 years and he has been by so often, he has a key to my house.  He s a nice guy in his late 40's or early 50's.  Although he has a nice smile, and great laugh, he's not someone that I've ever found especially attractive.

The last time I called him in it was to replace some old pipes in the upstairs bathroom.  The water had been turned off to the top floor and I rarely used that bathroom.  Although he usually arrived alone, on this particular day, he was accompanied by his summer apprentice, a 19 year old community college student, putting in his work placement hours before his graduation.

My plumber did all the talking, whispering to me later that his new assistant was incredibly shy.  The apprentice had a slim build, I guessed he worked out but it was hard to tell under his over sized work shirt which also went down way beyond his waste and his jeans.  There was something incredibly sexy about him, but after a quick minute of conversation they went upstairs to work on my pipes.

About a half hour later, my plumber came downstairs and asked if I had a grocery or garbage bag.  In his hand were his assistants jeans, covered in black sludge.  He laughed and told me that when they opened up the pipes, the sludge poured out all over his assistants pants.  He put the pants in the bag and told me he'd be back in 20 minutes as he was heading to Wal-Mart to pick up his apprentice a new, but cheap pair of pants.

When he left, all I could think of was the cute 19 year old standing upstairs without any pants on.  I did't want to embarrass the poor guy, especially given how shy he was, by barging upstairs, although it took everything in me to resist.  I did at one point yell up the stairway if he needed anything, but all I got back was a faint, 'no thanks.'

That morning last year came back to me after seeing this stunning set of shots of Brian by Male Beauty by bengie.  Although bengie sent on quite a few themes, this shower set had me imagining a similar story to mine, but... with a much hotter ending!  I had visions of Brian being called in as a general contractor or plumber, doing some work in the bathroom.

But.. as luck would have it, or as luck we'd wish it, our general contractor had a mishap, spilling sludge, clear, paint or any other messy liquid all over his clothes, anything messy enough to cause  him to strip down, clean off and take a shower before being able to complete the job he was so diligently working on.

If you've check out my previous posts on FH featuring bengie's work (HERE:) you know the Cheshire based Photographer always manages to capture intensely sensual images that cause the body, mind and imagination to work overtime!  These shots of Brian certainly did that for me. Brian has incredible body for sure, but it's those beautiful blue eyes that grabbed my attention and held on tight.  I am not I, or anyone, could have stopped themselves from running up to the second floor if a pantless Brian was in the shower.