Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 1st

Oh Canada!
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Wishing a safe holiday to all those celebrating today!

Great Canadian Centerfold Search:

Check out more of Gregg Steele, winner of the Playgirl's 1995 Great Canadian Centerfold Search, on PAGE 2 HERE:

Hockey Night in Canada

Although Football and Baseball are the number one sports in the US, in Canada's, it's hockey.  Saturday is hockey night in Canada, and although the ratings have dropped since Don Cherry's departure, it remains a Saturday night staple for many Canadian families.

Given it's popularity, and my love of the game, hockey themes often pop up on FH,(HERE:) especially on July 1st.  Check out more of Immortal Form's images of Ethan, this year's team captain, as he steps onto the ice, and out of his gear, on The NEXT PAGE HERE:

Ethan by Immortal Form

Canadian Slicker: Peter by Chris Teel

'Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.'
Roger Miller

Last Canada Day, FH celebrated with photographer Chris Teel's images of the delectable Peter Kelly. (Couleurs Nationales) In the holiday themed images, the Toronto based dancer, choreographer and model was wearing, (well, mostly not wearing...) red and white,  Canada's official colors.  This year, Peter's wearing (and again, mostly not wearing) a garment almost every Canadian has in their closet.

Given the weather in Canada can pivot from -20°C up to +30°C, sometimes in the span of just a few weeks, every possible form of precipitation is known to fall, sometimes all in one day.  It's not uncommon in the late fall or early spring to wake up to warmth and rain, deal with sleet and ice pellets on your commute home, and then head to bed to freezing temperatures and a dumping of snow.

Chris could have put Peter in a winter parka, but I prefer his choice of the see-through slicker. It might not keep Peter very warm, nor does it keep viewers from getting wet.  It does look especially hot however, slowly billowing over his incredible body.  You can check out more of Peter on his 'almost too hot for Instagram' page HERE:  or his entirely too hot for Instagram Just For Fans Site HERE:

You also see more of Peter, and many other of the wet, and barely clothed models Chris Teel has captured on his OnlyFans Page HERE: