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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 18th

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First Time: A.D by Young Buck Photo

Firsts are always memorable. It is always fun to feature a photographer's first shoot, or a model's first time being professionally shot. The fist time I featured the work of Maryland's Sean Cooper from Young Buck Photo was his work with Dakota back in 2012. There was something about Sean's images of Dakota I found both incredibly sexy and refreshingly honest. There were no bell's and whistles, just a skilled photographer capturing the best looks and poses of a model.

It makes perfect sense then that when A.D was looking to start his portfolio, he sought out Sean. Well, sort of.... A.D actually came to Sean by way of his girlfriend after deciding to look into modeling and beginning his portfolio. I can see why A.D, and his girlfriend thought modeling would be worth looking into. A.D has a great look, tall with beautiful eyes and an amazing smile. I also also love his body, very natural, fit, but not overly pumped up. I am sure someone will suggest changes, but I think he photographs perfect as he is.

Raised in the US, A.D's striking good looks come in part. from his Russian background. A.D splits his time between Reno, NV and PA where he attends university. For a first shoot the 24 year old new model looks relaxed and natural in front of the camera. I am sure this was in part due to Sean's skill and experience. Right now, A.D's portfolio consists of images only from Sean, but I am sure there are other photographers who will be looking to add to it very soon!

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A Look Back: Dean Armstrong in Queer As Folk

A few nights ago, a night sleep utterly refused to join me in bed, I flicked on the tv. There was an old episode of Queer As Folk I watched for a few minutes before switching to a re-run of The Jeffersons. Some of you may remember I struggled to like QAF in the beginning, especially actor Randy Harrison. Eventually both the show, and Randy, won me over and I have now watched most of the the show's run.

Although the few minutes I caught did not include Blake, it did have me thinking of his character and his battles with both his demons and his addictions. Dean Armstrong was one of my favorite parts of QAF, and as you can see from these images, his beautiful face and sparkling blue eyes are as captivating as ever.

Armstrong in Haven (2010)

Ted was never my favorite character, yet Ted and Blake were one of the show's most complicated, and fascinating couples to watch. The lust, the co-dependence, the need to be needed and their eventual reversal of roles was one of my favorite parts of the show. Blake was so damaged, yet I could not help being on his side and like Ted, wanting to see him come out healthy on the other side of his battles.

There was something hopeful about the character, even when he had nothing. Dean Armstrong was also completely adorable with a smile that won over pretty much everyone... except of course Emmett, who saw right through it.

Although Armstrong continues to act, his major focus the last few years as been his company Armstrong Acting Studio's. Dean and his staff work as acting coaches with many actors and productions. Some of Dean's most well known clients include Nina Dobrev, Miley Cyrus as well as working for a time as an acting couch on QAF. Check out his site to read more about his latest projects. Below, a few memorable Blake moments from Dean's time on Season 1 of the show.